I think you can have, be or do anything you can imagine

I specialise in building confidence in people’s lives and I am passionate about people being happy, fulfilled and free from fears, self doubt and behaviours that limit them.


Can you imagine how wonderful life will be for all of us if we focused on our wants, our desires, our pleasures, our goals and not our pain?

Can you imagine how wonderful your life would be like if you could reach your true potential?

It doesn’t matter who you are, what experiences you have had, we all can find ourselves stuck, lacking direction and would benefit from understanding what is happening with our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Using neuroscience and coaching, you can begin to explore the power of your mind and how to get the best out of it. You can then take control, get your lives onto your own true path and build a vision for your future worth getting excited about.

I first met Alison approximately a year after a major event in my life, and had sessions with her over a six-month period. I was having great difficulty understanding and dealing with the issues caused by the event and was extremely emotional and angry about it. I felt unable to move forward with my life. With Alison’s coaching and counselling techniques, I found that they worked very well and very quickly improved my thought processes greatly. The techniques allowed me to set aside the issues to be dealt with at an appropriate time rather than worrying over them constantly. Alison helped me realise I could rationalise and problem solve the issues which greatly reduced my stress levels. Alison has had a really positive affect on my life. Alison’s manner, techniques and understanding are exceptional. I found Alison to be very calming, rational, excellent at listening and explaining things in a way I could understand. My confidence and self-belief has improved greatly. Over a year on I still use her techniques today. I can recommend Alison very highly.


I wanted to say thank you. Your help and guidance has helped me so much over the past 12 months. I was so nervous about being pregnant again but I’ve been practicing your techniques and although I’ve been very close a few times to another anxiety attack I have managed to keep them at bay. Sometimes I get very stressed but now I’ve learnt to take a step back from the situation and think why I’m feeling like this and is it necessary as it won’t help the situation. I’ve learnt that although I might be having a bad day today, tomorrow will be a new bright day and I shouldn’t get hung up on it. Although I’ve come a long way I still know I have a lot more work to do but I think turning 30 this year has made me realise that life is too short & I’ve probably wasted enough time as it is stressing about stuff that really doesn’t matter. Thank you again.


Coaching with Alison

Learn about yourself and your limiting behaviours and thinking


Unpack self criticism – why do we do it?

Look at how we manage drama and conflict in our lives

Explore why we put others before ourselves

Notice behaviours that leave us exhausted

Understand how you hold yourself back

Understand how others influence us and how to free yourself

How much do you follow another’s suggestions

Look at your own behaviours to please others

Explore communication style and personalities

Understand how to take personal responsibility and create your own happiness

It is never easy taking a path of self discovery and development but when we are on the right path magical things happen.

Increase confidence and happiness

Understand what is holding you back

Build resilience and inner strength

Improve relationships

Find the real you

Build self belief, worth and love

Is this you?

  • Are you unhappy with a lack of direction in your life?
  • Do you feel misunderstood and alone?
  • Are your relationships challenging and unfulfilling?
  • Do you often find yourself being your own worst critic or maybe there’s always something that holds you back from achieving your goals and ambitions, leaving you feeling stuck, unfulfilled and empty?