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You know what your senior leaders are capable of. That’s why you hired them.

But what if stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt are holding them back?

Unrecognised issues in your leadership team can lead to decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and a decline in overall performance.

Our Leadership Programme is a game-changing.

Our customised programmes help leaders develop stronger communication skills, delegate tasks more effectively, and build the confidence to inspire their teams.

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Hidden Challenges Affecting Your Workplace

  • Miscommunication and Unresolved Issues: Fostering open communication and addressing concerns head-on can improve team dynamics and save time.
  • Leadership Disconnect: Investing in leadership development programmes can equip managers to lead by example and inspire their teams.
  • Unclear Goals and Roles: Collaborative goal setting and clearly defined roles empower employees and create a sense of purpose.
  • Ineffective Teamwork: Implementing team-building activities and communication training can address negative work patterns and build a more cohesive unit.
  • An Inflexible Environment: Promoting a culture of continuous improvement and open feedback allows for adaptation and employee engagement.

Reasons To Work With Alison

It’s hard to see clearly when you’re deep in the business. As your external coach, Alison injects fresh insights.

A warm, non-directive approach. No-one wants to be bossed around.

A mindset coach with a counselling background, your people can speak to Alison in confidence.

Engaging, easy to understand, jargon free approach. No head scratching!

Regular support when you need it.

Want to know more about how Alison can deliver for your business?

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“Alison was invited to facilitate a workshop on building self-confidence for my women’s group. Her delivery was calm, she was clearly knowledgeable and was able to relate to our women with authenticity.

Several women were so impressed with the workshop, they have asked if she could facilitate another workshop. Below is a feedback from one of the participants.

Highly recommended.”

Charmaine Pollard

Life and Business Coach, Panoramic Counselling & Wellbeing

Working with Alison over the past year in a personal capacity as well as a trusted supplier has been a joy. In a profession like accountancy, it can be challenging showing the massive impact that creating great organisational health can have. Alison’s calm presence and inclusive delivery makes this straightforward – from understanding what makes us tick to developing meaningful strategies that brings out the best in us, Alison’s work is profound and impactful.

Doug Aitken

Director, Remarkable Practice


  • Reduce wasted time and resources by fostering a culture of open communication
  • Boost productivity with clear goals and empowered employees
  • Watch confidence soar as your team tackles challenges and achieves remarkable results.
  • Create a workplace where people love to come to work with improved communication and a focus on employee well-being.

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15+ Reviews

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