Imagine finishing a presentation or interview and knowing that you had left a lasting impression

Are you terrified of presentations or interviews? Do you go into panic at the thought never mind actually  on the day? Is your dread that you will make a fool of yourself? Do you think that everyone else looks confident or will be better than you.

If this is you, I can imagine that you feel that you are holding back from going for promotion or following a new career?

Did you know that many people’s fear of presenting or speaking in public stems back from school days and reading out in the classroom or assembly.

All this is stressful and a worry.  This can then impact on other areas of your life.  I have worked with many people, helping them become free of this anxiety and be confident to deliver a powerful presentation or  a convincing interview.



After only a few sessions…..

Imagine how you would feel after you presented with new confidence and enthusiasm

  • We would build up your internal confidence
  • Have you excited and looking forward to the big day.  How good would that feel?
  • Have a positive mindset and be able to get into a good emotional state
  • Understand your physical reactions and control them
  • Feel like you can leave a lasting impression on your audience


If you want to be courageous in delivering an amazing presentation or perform fearlessly at an interview,  give Alison a call on 07703 599246 and give yourself a fighting chance.

Presentations were something that I dreaded.  I had an important interview and I wanted to give it my best shot.  I worked with Alison, we used hypnosis to give me a real feeling a confidence and calmness.  Through the coaching process, we worked on my presentation and she helped me bring it to life and focused on my performance.  I delivered on the day and was really happy with my performance


October 2016

Working with Alison has given my a renewed confidence and practical tools to help me when delivering a presentation at work.  I really like the way she explores the problem and some of the tools, like picturing yourself having finished, have been a great success.  Thank you


July 2016