Who else knows that they could push themselves more?

We all have times in our lives where we feel like we are plodding or are possibly stuck in a job.  Or may be you are running a business that just ticks over or you would love to set up on your own although seem to come up with lots of excuses why not to.  So if this is you, I know that you will feel unfulfilled , frustrated, bored and yet lacking the confidence and motivation to do something about it?

I have come across many really intelligent, capable, skilled and creative people who are not reaching their full potential.   What is it that does that? Usually a limiting self belief, a lack of confidence or a deep rooted fear of failure.

Can you imagine what you could achieve, if you were free from your negative inner voice?  We all have one!

I have previously seen many people ‘fly’, so what is stopping you from investing in your future?

You are more powerful than you think and can achieve that promotion, that career change, starting that new business.

How about a tailored Coaching Programme or an Executive Breakthrough Experience,  guaranteed to put ‘you’ are at the heart of the process.

Take the steps towards your success.  Imagine how satisfied you will feel.

They say most people give up just as they are about to succeed.

During your unique Programme, we will together:-

  • Explore what is holding you back
  • Find your determination and dust it off
  • Expand your confidence and self belief to succeed
  • Boost your motivation and enthusiasm for progression
  • Clear your procrastination, so there will be no excuses!

If this is for you, call Alison for an informal, no obligation chat on 07703 599246 or complete this assessment form 

I just wanted to say thank you again for your support and guidance via the coaching.  I found the sessions and exercises really helpful. I feel so much more positive and confident now and the perceptions I had of any shortfalls are now where they belong – out of mind


October 2012

Thank you so much for helping me out of a very difficult situation that I thought there was no way out of! I came to you “stuck in a swamp with no way out” and now after your hard work I’m a “butterfly ready to fly!” Thank you for helping me to find my wings


June 2013

I had been in the same job for 12 years and was often asked to apply for promotion.  The thought of the interview and more responsibility terrified me.  After some sessions with Alison, I felt confident and realised I had much more potential.  I applied for promotion, was very relaxed at the interview and was successful.  This came at a great time as I am getting married next year, so the extra money is great. Thank you


May 2012

Seeing Alison is like an injection of positivity and energy.  I have reached a level which I never thought was possible and feel so much more content with my career and ultimately the rest of my life


March 2011