Can you imagine feeling like you have to balance right?

You need help?  Your job is taking over.  You are exhausted and seem to have lost yourself and your ability to relax and enjoy social time. You wake up at 5am thinking about work.  You are never away from your phone or emails.  You are regularly on edge and irritated. Your relationship is at risk.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on the career ladder, we all have times when we need help to achieve even more from ourselves and reach our maximum potential.  Are you one of those people who wants to take this approach?  Forward thinking professionals and businesses are seeking more and realising that the secret to increased productivity is happy, relaxed people.  We are more powerful than we think and this power is the essence of relaxed, controlled minds.

Coaching programmes with 2minds represents a realistic solution that is not just task orientated and puts you at the heart of the problem.

 If this is you, call Alison on 07703 599246.

How about demanding the best from yourself, in a positive way and actually enjoy work again?

How about exploring tools and techniques to?

  • Help you deal with stress in a different way
  • Explore the impact your work is having on your health
  • Eliminate or minimise the impact work stress can cause
  • Consider your behaviours and thoughts around your success
  • Learn to access a calm, positive state of mind
  • Deep dig for solutions and options
  • Think big for your goal setting
  • Align your personal values with your business goals

My business was going no where, I was putting off really serious tasks like the tax forms, I wasn’t focused and was overwhelmed and drained generally.  After a coaching programme, I have really taken control of myself and my business.  My procrastination is gone, I now realistically plan for the week, I have explored new clients and feel motivated and excited about the future


July 2012

My stress levels were through the roof and now I feel I understand what drives me, what approach motivates me and therefore how I can deal with myself and the outside influences more effectively.  A real insight into my behaviour and why we do certain things.  The sessions were paced well although challenging which got results quickly, just what I needed


February 2013