Wanted! You!

If you want to achieve and succeed so much more in your professional life, I am passionate about building confidence in your performance, digging deep to explore what limits you, teach you tools to push your own boundaries and achieve your goals.

How I can help you be incredible and amazing!

It doesn’t matter to me if you are already a high flyer, a Chief Executive, a Manager, or starting out on a new career path. I am really excited to work with anyone who is forward thinking and keen to reach their full potential.

The key to me is the person and how they think and behave. Together, we will explore the deep rooted limitations that are holding you back.  Are you someone who is successful although driven by the fear of failure? Are you someone who is not progressing or is so stressed? Wouldn’t it be better to be amazing without this fear?

I feel strongly about bringing happiness into the workplace and uncovering limits to this is key to success.

I can work with an individual or a whole team to create effectiveness, enhanced communication, and an exciting, positive outlook on the goals.

Who else knows that they could push themselves more?

We all have times in our lives where we feel like we are plodding or are possibly stuck in a job.  Or may be you are running a business that just ticks over or you would love to set up on your own although seem to come up with lots of excuses why not to.  So if this is you, I know that you will feel unfulfilled , frustrated, bored and yet lacking the confidence and motivation to do something about it?

I have come across many really intelligent, capable, skilled and creative people who are not reaching their full potential. What is it that does that? Usually a limiting self belief, a lack of confidence or a deep rooted fear of failure. Can you imagine what you could achieve, if you were free from your negative inner voice?  We all have one! I have previously seen many people ‘fly’, so what is stopping you from investing in your future? You are more powerful than you think and can achieve that promotion, that career change, starting that new business.

How about a tailored Coaching Programme or an Executive Breakthrough Experience,  guaranteed to put ‘you’ are at the heart of the process? During your unique Programme, we will together:

  • Explore what is holding you back
  • Find your determination and dust it off
  • Expand your confidence and self belief to succeed
  • Boost your motivation and enthusiasm for progression
  • Clear your procrastination, so there will be no excuses!

Thank you so much for helping me out of a very difficult situation that I thought there was no way out of! I came to you “stuck in a swamp with no way out” and now after your hard work I’m a “butterfly ready to fly!” Thank you for helping me to find my wings.


Achieve More, June 2013

I just wanted to say thank you again for your support and guidance via the coaching.  I found the sessions and exercises really helpful. I feel so much more positive and confident now and the perceptions I had of any shortfalls are now where they belong – out of mind.


Achieve More, October 2012

Give yourself permission to be the best

Call Alison on 07703 599246 to chat about how we can make this happen or complete the contact form below.  I will contact you back.

I had been in the same job for 12 years and was often asked to apply for promotion. The thought of the interview and more responsibility terrified me. After some sessions with Alison, I felt confident and realised I had much more potential. I applied for promotion, was very relaxed at the interview and was successful. This came at a great time as I am getting married next year, so the extra money is great. Thank you!


Achieve More, May 2012

Seeing Alison is like an injection of positivity and energy. I have reached a level which I never thought was possible and feel so much more content with my career and ultimately the rest of my life.


Achieve More, March 2011

Can you imagine getting success without the stress and fear of failure?

Find a new, exciting focus and ways of thinking and behaving

Let go of any limiting beliefs and decisions about yourself

Give you the confidence in yourself and your own ability

Realise your true potential

Dig deep on the patterns you are seeing in your behaviour

Find yourself with more energy and time to focus

Pure determination and courage is a great motivation although do you feel tired and drained worrying about failing?  We can all feel overwhelmed with the workload and then under performing as a result of the stress you put yourself under? How much time and energy do you spend worrying that everyone is better than you?  Do you constantly think about what could go wrong.  If even things go well, do you tend to sabotage things and find it hard to receive positive feedback

If you want to be successful in life there is only one way and that way is right ahead of you. There is no turning back and no looking to the right or the left. It does not matter who or what you are; anyone can be successful…. if they want to be so. Your success does not depend on anyone else but you. You may need some help along the way and this is where I come in. I am ready to walk alongside you and help you find inside of you all that you need for your success. But remember…. Your failure or your success is your choice. What are you going to choose?

Imagine finishing a presentation or interview and knowing that you had left a lasting impression

Are you terrified of presentations or interviews? Do you go into panic at the thought never mind actually on the day? Is your dread that you will make a fool of yourself? Do you think that everyone else looks confident or will be better than you? If this is you, I can imagine that you feel that you are holding back from going for promotion or following a new career.

Did you know that many people’s fear of presenting or speaking in public stems back from school days and reading out in the classroom or assembly? All this is stressful and a worry. This can then impact on other areas of your life. I have worked with many people, helping them become free of this anxiety and be confident to deliver a powerful presentation or a convincing interview. After only a few sessions with Alison, imagine how you would feel after you presented with new confidence and enthusiasm

  • We would build up your internal confidence
  • Have you excited and looking forward to the big day. How good would that feel?
  • Have a positive mindset and be able to get into a good emotional state
  • Understand your physical reactions and control them
  • Feel like you can leave a lasting impression on your audience

Presentations were something that I dreaded. I had an important interview and I wanted to give it my best shot. I worked with Alison, we used hypnosis to give me a real feeling a confidence and calmness. Through the coaching process, we worked on my presentation and she helped me bring it to life and focused on my performance. I delivered on the day and was really happy with my performance.


Confident Presentations, October 2016

Working with Alison has given my a renewed confidence and practical tools to help me when delivering a presentation at work.  I really like the way she explores the problem and some of the tools, like picturing yourself having finished, have been a great success.  Thank you.


Confident Presentations, July 2016

Time to deliver!

If you want to be courageous in delivering an amazing presentation or perform fearlessly at an interview,  give Alison a call on 07703 599246 and give yourself a fighting chance.

Balance Work and Life

Do you feel like your job is taking over? Maybe you are exhausted and seem to have lost yourself and your ability to relax and enjoy social time. You wake up at 5am thinking about work. You are never away from your phone or emails. You are regularly on edge and irritated. Your relationship is at risk.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on the career ladder, we all have times when we need help to achieve even more from ourselves and reach our maximum potential.  Are you one of those people who wants to take this approach?  Forward thinking professionals and businesses are seeking more and realising that the secret to increased productivity is happy, relaxed people.  We are more powerful than we think and this power is the essence of relaxed, controlled minds.

How about demanding the best from yourself, in a positive way and actually enjoy work again?

Help you deal with stress in a different way

Explore the impact your work is having on your health

Eliminate or minimise the impact work stress can cause

Consider your behaviours and thoughts around your success


Learn to access a calm, positive state of mind

Deep dig for solutions and options

Think big for your goal setting

Align your personal values with your business goals

My business was going no where, I was putting off really serious tasks like the tax forms, I wasn’t focused and was overwhelmed and drained generally.  After a coaching programme, I have really taken control of myself and my business.  My procrastination is gone, I now realistically plan for the week, I have explored new clients and feel motivated and excited about the future.


Balance Work & Life, July 2012

y stress levels were through the roof and now I feel I understand what drives me, what approach motivates me and therefore how I can deal with myself and the outside influences more effectively. A real insight into my behaviour and why we do certain things. The sessions were paced well although challenging which got results quickly, just what I needed.


Balance Work & Life, February 2013