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Jul 14, 2022
 by Bernie
2 minds

Highly rated sessions with Alison. Her advice and different ways of viewing
Problems has been invaluable. Alongside her book, I was able to work
Through historic problems and come out the other side
With a different way of handling things much more confidently.
Truly valuable help.
Thanks Alison !

Rob Whittall
Jun 11, 2022
 by Rob Whittall
Embrace a healthy work life

One of our core values is “embrace a healthy work life”, which has become more challenging over the past two years of the new COVID world and working environment.

We already had 2 offices in 2 different time zones prior to Covid, and now to add onto those challenges we now have remote employees. We were concerned that our keep it human, keep it personal culture may suffer and become fragmented.

However, by working with Alison, those fears have not come true. By having our team engage with group sessions alongside the 1 to 1’s have made for a stronger, more skilled and more dynamic team.

Having engaged with Alison, I am excited about the future of the firm and the team and I believe our clients directly benefit from the process.

May 31, 2022
 by Jessica
A Path Travelled

I was initially attracted to this book when scrolling through Instagram and seeing a story of a book club starting up in my local area and this was the book that was chosen to kickstart this. I googled the book, as anyone would (well at least this is my perception of what everyone might do to see what it is about and if it is something that aligns with me) and the book certainly spoke volumes. The first line of the blurb reads "Are you hard on yourself and feel like something is holding you back?" Yes, and yes. This book spoke to me within the first line, and if that happens, I always know it is a sign I am meant to read it! Alison writes in a way that is accessible to any reader and it isn't just a book to read, it can be part of a daily/weekly/monthly routine with the practices and activities that Alison asks the reader to do. (This was the first book where I actually wrote in it! Who needs a pristine book when you can write in it and put pen to paper, expressing and working on yourself! It feels so liberating!) In the future, I would love this to be available on Audible so I can revisit and listen to the book because I believe there is even more to learn from a second read/listen! Thank you to Alison for writing this. I am now currently reading her second book and listening to her Radio show on Wirral Wave Radio. Set your fortnightly alarms and tune in Mon 7pm-8pm, Thurs 1pm-2pm, Fri 7pm-8pm and Sun 8am-9am because it is a show not to be missed!

Sophia Kennedy
May 30, 2022
 by Sophia Kennedy
Complete Eye Opener!

Huge thank you to Alison! She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable in her sessions so you feel you can open up and discuss things.
We did a session on looking at taking back control of yourself and managing your wellbeing and it was such an eye opener! Alison delved into the mind and how it works and behaviours that result from it and it really resonated with me as I started to understand why I behave in certain ways sometimes.
Alison also gave us some great techniques to think about and tools to start implementing in our daily lives to start putting ourselves first and letting our minds rest, so we can be more productive and motivated in day to day life.
Thank you Alison, so much, I took a lot away from the session and I know there was just so much more I could of learnt !
100% recommend speaking to Alison.

May 30, 2022
 by Karen
Leadership Programme

I have found the Leadership programme with 2minds to be very valuable. It has helped me begin on a journey of both professional and personal development. The models in the toolkit are easy to understand and if practised regularly start to become second nature. The programme has supported and encouraged me to embrace change, implement the models learnt, and feel confident to share the knowledge with colleagues.

Tanya Leary
Feb 23, 2022
 by Tanya Leary
Just what I needed.

Alison is an absolute dream to work with. Honest, empathic, authentic, fun and with an innate ability to know when to speak and when to wait for you to.
I visited Alison initially after a recommendation from a friend when I was feeling quite lost and low. Our sessions enabled me to see where I was, where I wanted to get to and what was standing in the way of that.

I think that a safe space to get out of your own head, sieve through your thoughts and have a sounding board to develop a plan to take you forward is invaluable and I am massively grateful to Alison for holding this space for me. You were exactly what I needed and it is a real comfort to know I can return as and whenever I need to sieve out my thoughts.

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