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 21 reviews
by Kirst on 2minds
Eye opening & life changing!

I have been lucky enough to work with Alison over the course of 6 1-to-1 sessions, in which she has opened my eyes and mind to a variety of techniques that have helped me to think and work more productively.

Most importantly Alison has helped me with believing in myself and to understand why my mind and all minds work the way they do and once you understand that better you can control your emotions and actions in a much more productive way.

If you are somebody who struggles with self belief, confidence and/or anxiety, Alison can help you to understand why you feel this way and then work with you to grow. It's difficult to put into words how much my sessions with Alison have helped me and I think if possible, everybody would benefit from this type of coaching.
Thank you Alison!

by Ali Jagger on 2minds

I just attended a Vision Board workshop with Alison Blackler in a beautiful venue in Chester. It really helped me refocus my direction on where I want to be and where I should be heading. It also clearly helped me realise how easy it is to drift. This course is fabulous for anyone that wants to realise their goals with clarity and recognise what might stand in the way of this. Was a very nice intimate group too which meant 1-1 time with Alison and met some lovely people. Highly recommended. I'm excited about my future again.

by Storm Sills on 2minds
Still talking about it!

Alison came to my work and delivered a workshop for a large group of my staff members. We wanted to be better communicators, better at supporting each other and being a better all round team. I did not give too much away of what would be happening on the day as I wanted it to be surprise and the group to take it all in as it was delivered. Alison did not disappoint from the beginning. It was active, informative and fun. The staff were still talking about the workshop for days after, and one member had asked if we can get Alison in again so she can do it all again. Thank you Alison for the wonderful day and look forward to working with you again.

by Dave on 2minds
Field Sales Team more confident

We hired Alison to give your Field Sales Team some new, innovative approaches to communicate to our customers. The workshop day was interesting and we quickly learnt some new techniques to engage with our customers, and that was great as many of our sales team were already experienced. The 1:1 coaching to follow was really beneficial to give the team the confidence to deliver the new skills.

by Leigh on 2minds
Better version of me!

I've had three sessions with Alison needed at a time in my life that was particularly challenging. In a short while, she has been able to understand and pinpoint what I'm going through and teach me techniques to help me through my current situation. My anxiety is much more under control and I'm able to face challenging tasks in both work and life in general, more rationally. This has yielded positive results for me and has not only increased my confidence but also taught me to set boundaries with others, this has been invaluable. She's taught me to reframe my thinking and view things from a different perspective. I can't recommend Allison highly enough and I can't wait to continue on my journey towards being at my best.

by Helen on 2minds
Different perspective

I met Alison when I was feeling completely lost, having just gone through several difficult life events. She helped me to recognise and put a name to the challenges I was facing, and to put strategies in place to accept and work through those challenges. I stopped trying to fight against life's difficulties and instead to work through them. With her help I am now able to view life from a different perspective and to reframe the way I think in order to be kinder to myself!. She has so much insight and was often able to recognise things about me that I didn't even know myself. With this she has helped me to gain a little bit more insight myself.

by Suzi Sharples on 2minds
Superlative Super Vision!

Thank you, Alison, for being such a super supervisor over the past four years! As a coach for people with neuro differences I get to meet up with all different kinds of challenges to help people develop strategies that enhance their lives. Every so often I am stumped, and you were always there to help me with the kind of help that I needed, be it being coached to help myself or sharing your extensive experience when time is tight; sometimes you just need to be given little pots of treasure. You have consistently been kind, insightful, and usually make the whole process fun; this is a rare talent indeed. Keep up the good work Alison, the world needs you and your kind to make it a better place!

by Deborah Morgan on 2minds
Helping Me to Carpe Diem

Thank you simply isn't enough for the guidance and help that Alison has given. I am a busy Senior Manager within the Civil Service, loving my job but with a heavy caseload alongside staff management, budget responsibility and a million other things. I also happen to have a brain tumour. Alison has helped me to put coping strategies in place, helped me to understand how my disability affects me in the workplace - and at the end of all that, helped me to stay in work. After constant medical appointments and treatments that focus on the medical nature of my disability, Alison's coaching helped me to understand the more social aspects of my illness, how to cope, and the fact that my neuro-diversity can be an asset too. I am still able to make a difference in my working role - and Alison has assisted in that. Reading these reviews, there is a theme about Alison being 'life changing' - and I affirm that. Thank you Alison.

by Jenny on 2minds
A big thank you

I wanted to say thank you. Your help and guidance has helped me so much over the past 12 months. I was so nervous about being pregnant again but I've been practising your techniques and although I've been very close a few times to another anxiety attack I have managed to keep them at bay.

Sometimes I get very stressed but now I've learnt to take a step back from the situation and think why I'm feeling like this and is it necessary as it won't help the situation. I've learnt that although I might be having a bad day today, tomorrow will be a new bright day and I shouldn't get hung up on it. Although I've come a long way I still know I have a lot more work to do but I think turning 30 this year has made me realise that life is too short & I've probably wasted enough time as it is stressing about stuff that really doesn't matter.

Thank you again

by Jon on 2minds
Positive affect on my life

I first met Alison approximately a year after a major event in my life, and had sessions with her over a six-month period.
I was having great difficulty understanding and dealing with the issues caused by the event and was extremely emotional and angry about it.
I felt unable to move forward with my life.
With Alison’s coaching and counselling techniques, I found that they worked very well and very quickly improved my thought processes greatly.
The techniques allowed me to set aside the issues to be dealt with at an appropriate time rather than worrying over them constantly. Alison helped me realise I could rationalise and problem solve the issues which greatly reduced my stress levels.
Alison has had a really positive affect on my life. Alison’s manner, techniques and understanding are exceptional. I found Alison to be very calming, rational, excellent at listening and explaining things in a way I could understand.
My confidence and self-belief has improved greatly.
Over a year on I still use her techniques today
I can recommend Alison very highly.

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