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by Suzi Sharples on 2Minds
Superlative Super Vision!

Thank you, Alison, for being such a super supervisor over the past four years! As a coach for people with neuro differences I get to meet up with all different kinds of challenges to help people develop strategies that enhance their lives. Every so often I am stumped, and you were always there to help me with the kind of help that I needed, be it being coached to help myself or sharing your extensive experience when time is tight; sometimes you just need to be given little pots of treasure. You have consistently been kind, insightful, and usually make the whole process fun; this is a rare talent indeed. Keep up the good work Alison, the world needs you and your kind to make it a better place!

by Deborah Morgan on 2Minds
Helping Me to Carpe Diem

Thank you simply isn't enough for the guidance and help that Alison has given. I am a busy Senior Manager within the Civil Service, loving my job but with a heavy caseload alongside staff management, budget responsibility and a million other things. I also happen to have a brain tumour. Alison has helped me to put coping strategies in place, helped me to understand how my disability affects me in the workplace - and at the end of all that, helped me to stay in work. After constant medical appointments and treatments that focus on the medical nature of my disability, Alison's coaching helped me to understand the more social aspects of my illness, how to cope, and the fact that my neuro-diversity can be an asset too. I am still able to make a difference in my working role - and Alison has assisted in that. Reading these reviews, there is a theme about Alison being 'life changing' - and I affirm that. Thank you Alison.

by Jenny on 2Minds
A big thank you

I wanted to say thank you. Your help and guidance has helped me so much over the past 12 months. I was so nervous about being pregnant again but I've been practising your techniques and although I've been very close a few times to another anxiety attack I have managed to keep them at bay.

Sometimes I get very stressed but now I've learnt to take a step back from the situation and think why I'm feeling like this and is it necessary as it won't help the situation. I've learnt that although I might be having a bad day today, tomorrow will be a new bright day and I shouldn't get hung up on it. Although I've come a long way I still know I have a lot more work to do but I think turning 30 this year has made me realise that life is too short & I've probably wasted enough time as it is stressing about stuff that really doesn't matter.

Thank you again

by Jon on 2Minds
Positive affect on my life

I first met Alison approximately a year after a major event in my life, and had sessions with her over a six-month period.
I was having great difficulty understanding and dealing with the issues caused by the event and was extremely emotional and angry about it.
I felt unable to move forward with my life.
With Alison’s coaching and counselling techniques, I found that they worked very well and very quickly improved my thought processes greatly.
The techniques allowed me to set aside the issues to be dealt with at an appropriate time rather than worrying over them constantly. Alison helped me realise I could rationalise and problem solve the issues which greatly reduced my stress levels.
Alison has had a really positive affect on my life. Alison’s manner, techniques and understanding are exceptional. I found Alison to be very calming, rational, excellent at listening and explaining things in a way I could understand.
My confidence and self-belief has improved greatly.
Over a year on I still use her techniques today
I can recommend Alison very highly.

by Claire Statham on 2Minds
Enriching your Life

I have had three sessions with Alison, when I met her I had severe confidence and self esteem issues and I was an utter control freak due to my fear of failure. The three areas seemed completely linked and I'd gotten into some bad habits both in work and my home life. After meeting Alison, my little world is changing and I'm started to creating a life wheel that will actually turn, meaning I will have a healthy balanced life. What started as little brain exercises has turned into a way of life and I'm thankful to have been referred to Alison. She also stays in touch, and I know if things start to slip I can go for a quick catch up and know my life will be enriched as a result.

by Michelle on 2Minds
Completely Transforming!

I am a Veterinary Surgeon who was suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and occupational burnout. I had lost sight of all the wonderful reasons why I chose a career path in veterinary medicine. Alison has been absolutely pivotal in changing my outlook and mind set. Through her life coaching and NLP sessions I am now able to view things in a different way. I can support my clients better with an improved understanding of how to manage their worries and concerns. Alison is very approachable and easy to work with, she has a unique connection with people. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done to help me and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone; but especially to any of my Veterinary Colleagues who may be struggling as I was.

by Joanne Finnerty on 2Minds
Life Changing

I have used the services of Alison on many occasions. Alison is extremely down to earth and real and the sessions I have had with her have been invaluable and - dare I say it - "life changing"!

I have also referred lots of friends, family and business associates to Alison and they were equally impressed!

I am also in the process of booking Alison in to visit my team at Joanne Finnerty Recruitment so she can carry out some NLP workshops - helping my staff to become even better versions of themselves!!

Thanks Alison - I hope you know how good you are!!


Thank you Joanne for your review. It means a lot. I am very happy to recommend and know that they offer a great service to both candidates and businesses looking to fill a post.

by John on 2Minds

Since meeting Alison my world has changed for the better. She has helped me to gain an insight into my thoughts and responses to certain situations which I have found difficult to deal with. During this process, I have developed more confidence and self belief to now resolve and address past and present challenges. I would highly recommend individuals who face stressful situations within life spend some time with Alison.

by Michael O’Flaherty on 2Minds
Employee Engagement

I have recently observed Alison delivering employee engagement workshops. Her ability to facilitate and engage the room is outstanding. She knows her subject. The group she worked with were really struggling to connect and relate but she managed to create a learning environment that meant by the close of the workshop the group had started to bond and managed to navigate some very tough conversations. Alison is a class act.

by Angela Stephenson on 2Minds
New thinking, new woman!

Over the last five years I have used Alison's coaching services on an ad hoc basis for different situations in my life; Most have been stress related, both personal and business. Each time Alison, has shown me new ways of thinking and therefore feeling and acting that have brought about immediate and long lasting relief from anxiety, that resulted in head aches and poor sleep patterns
I particularly enjoy Alison's line of questioning and her quick understanding. She uses a range of techniques that I have seen to bring speedy results. Unlike other forms of therapy, Alison does not need to know all details of the issue at hand, she moves quickly to finding personal solutions that work for me.
One hour in her company and I feel like a new woman returning from a weeks beach holiday. Alison has the knack of enabling you to feel relaxed in her company, and able to move forward in you life.

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