Episode 25 – ‘Christmas Special’

13 December 2022

Hello everyone,

We hope that your Christmas goes exactly the way you want it to, you deserve it! For this radio blog, things are going to be a little different – Because it’s the Christmas period and we’ve been doing this radio show for a year. In this episode, we review the year and bring you some of the wisdom from our wonderful guests.

And because this is a recap, we recommend that you listen to the episode here for more content.

We hope you enjoy!


Denise Chilton 

EP3 – Relationships 

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves 

Be kind to ourselves 

EP22 – Imposter Syndrome 

Create a character for your imposter syndrome – working with it, listen and choose something different


Becky Corran 

EP20 – Mind & Body 

Breathe, breathing techniques and relaxing the pelvic floors 


Carla Caswell 

EP 15 – Perfectionism 

Writing down your core values with health and fitness. Is your life aligning with those basic values


Christine Handy 

EP12 – Hope 

Walk in grace with myself 

Give myself the kindness I give to others 


Danny Greeves 

EP10 – Habits 

Creating your own toolkit“  

Managing small chunks and celebrating along the way – habits, mental health etc 

When we’re tending to struggle, we tend to become a white belt in 10 different disciplines, rather than becoming a black belt in one and then adding the next one to it. It’s the black belt that makes us change 



EP7 – Self Appreciation 

Having a healthy addiction to self care 


Sean Orford 

EP9 – Difficult Times 

What you think about, you bring about 


Shelley F Knight 

EP5 – Being Your True Self  

Believe you can and you’re halfway there 

EP16 – Grief/Loss 

Commit to ‘you’ time 10 mins a day and reflect, ask yourself questions

Is life where you want it to be

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