Episode 23 – ‘Power Of Creativity’

15 November 2022

Hello Everyone,

Be sure to listen to episode 23. We have the inspirational Ash Nugent in the studio with us, and we talk a lot more in depth about the power of creativity. Ash and I worked together on the prison projects, he is an Author, creator and creative director of RiseUp.


You can listen here:



Creativity and its power, turning challenges into successes and following your dream.

Creativity is a form of self-expression; it allows us to have a conversation with ourselves about our interests and desires. Utilising our innate creativity can be a way to understand ourselves better, to question who we are, where we are within the world around us.

Here are 5 benefits of expressing yourself creatively –  

  • Creativity improves your mood 
  • Creativity boosts your self-esteem 
  • Creativity improves cognitive function 
  • Creativity improves your social life 
  • Creativity alleviates stress and anxiety 

Something that I see a lot is creative people who have stopped their creative outlet for whatever reason and the impact as a while on their mind is palpable.  Their minds become creative but not always in a good way. 

It unblocks old patterns or habits of thinking.  

It allows for non-linear thinking.  

Creativity enables empathy.  

Creativity connects us to ourselves.

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