Alison Blackler is one of the UK’s leading public speakers, captivating audiences across the UK

Alison’s enthusiasm, warm nature and practical advice on confidence building engages and excites audiences around the country.

Mindset Coach And Public Speaker

Audiences feel instantly connected to Alison. Why? She’s relatable.  She talks about how lack of confidence impacted her life, sharing life changing techniques to help others feel fantastic and achieve their potential.

Signature Talk – Breaking the mould

Alison speaks from the heart. She shares her own personal journey, and how this forms a huge part of her work. The stories leave everyone saying, “me too” or “so I don’t have to accept this?”

“We see the world as we believe it to be”

Alison Blackler with microphone

Tailored Talks For Your Event

Need a public speaker for your conference or business event?

Alison’s most popular talks include:

  • Confidence building for individuals, teams and managers
  • Communication skills for business
  • Mindset coaching and how it can benefit your business
  • How to engage employees using science backed techniques

As a respected public speaker, Alison leaves a lasting impression

“Alison delivered a guest expert talk in my Facebook Community group ‘The Candle Coach’

She was absolutely amazing. Group members interacted and so many things resonated with us all, it certainly got our brain’s working and lots of helpful tips to make us more productive and protect us from being overwhelmed.

Cannot recommend Alison highly enough.”

Jane Helliwell

The Candle Coach


“Engaging and interacting right from the start (not always easy over Zoom!) and left us plenty to think about. Alison is extremely personable and effortlessly creates a safe space for open and honest discussion. Loved it!”

Liz Ryan


“She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable in her sessions so you feel you can open up and discuss things.

We did a session on looking at taking back control of yourself and managing your wellbeing and it was such an eye opener! Alison delved into the mind and how it works and behaviours that result from it and it really resonated with me as I started to understand why I behave in certain ways sometimes.

100% recommend speaking to Alison.”

Sophia Kennedy

The Women's Organisation


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