How To Make Sense Of Relationships

Relationships present the most complex challenges in life. We are all different in the way we think, speak, interpret and feel. We spend so much of our time feeling misunderstood or unheard.

Based on the success of “A Path Travelled: How to make sense of your life”, here we explore the challenges and joys of more intimate relationships. This book takes the reader on a journey through all aspects and complexities of a relationship. It covers more challenging relationships, explores the highs and lows of new love and looks at the difficulties of ending a relationship. The features of a healthy relationship are explored with tips on how you can develop new habits to improve your own. A powerful theme throughout the book looks at the relationship you have with yourself and how that impacts on other relationships.


3 reviews for How To Make Sense Of Relationships

  1. Tayna

    I thoroughly enjoyed the format of this book which did indeed take me through a journey looking at my own aspects of relationships.

  2. Caitlin W

    Alison is a skilled and experienced coach – working successfully to help build teams, support couples and partnerships to collaborate successfully and individuals to understand themselves.
    Alison brings this wealth of experience into this book, like having your own coach on tap.

  3. Annie

    This is a gem of a book and full of insights to the complexities of relationships. The step to change exercises really get you reflecting and thinking about what you want in a relationship. Really got me thinking of the bigger picture not just my perspective of i think is going on. Love it and a great follow up to Alison’s first book A Path Travelled – how to make sense of your life which I can’t recommend enough 🙂

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