Inner Child

25 October 2023

Welcome to episode 23, we are thinking about what might be getting in our way and self-sabotaging beliefs. The majority of the time it comes from deep rooted child wounds, not necessarily stemming from traumatic childhoods, just beliefs & experiences you had as a child.

In this episode, we dive deep into overcoming those beliefs and challenging and clearing those roadblocks. We’ve got some really interesting things to bring to you, and I am delighted to say that I’m sharing this space with Brooke Bownes. Brooke is an accredited trauma coach, therapist & global No.1 bestselling author. She works with midlife women who struggle with mother wounds, inner child wounds and childhood trauma and want to heal those wounds, find their power, confidence and release their trauma so they can go for their goals.

We had a really great conversation about those inner child wounds and strategies to help us move forward.

Check out Brooke’s work:

You Can Have It!: How to break through the self-sabotage cycle

Search ‘Mental Wealth’ from your favourite streaming platform or click the link here!


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