Digging Deep

8 November 2023

Welcome to episode 25!

I am delighted to say that we have a very special guest with me in this week’s mental wealth podcast episode. We’re gonna talk about resilience in a different way to maybe the way that we often talk about it. We often talk about resilience being our bounce back. Our ability to be able to cope with something that’s happened, but I’m interested in sharing when it’s happening and I think that’s something that’s really different.

Our special guest this week is Mel Kelly. Mel is a 23 years old, diagnosed with a brain tumour December of 2022. Mel decided to take on challenges to raise money and awareness of brain tumours and the charities that have helped Mel along the way.

Listen here: https://mental-wealth.captivate.fm/listen

Here’s some of the charities Mel has supported:

The Brain Tumour Charity

Teenage Cancer Trust

MOVE Charity

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