7 February 2024

New episode of the Mental Wealth Podcast, where we explore the intricacies of building resilience and maintaining mental well-being. In this episode, join me and my special guest, Demarra West, as we delve into the world of mental resilience. And, acknowledging the paramount role that community plays in our well-being. Our dialogue revolves around the importance of fostering connections and how communal support is a key factor in building mental resilience.

We also touch on ‘Dirty Yeses’ – So stay tuned!

Founder of Be Well Beautiful Woman, the principal of Change Agent Consulting and the author of ‘Me Too: A Therapist’s Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy’. Make sure to give Demerra a follow and check out her work.

Thank you to Demarra for coming on the podcast and sharing her wisdom.


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