Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect

13 December 2023

Often this time of the year, we all paint a picture-perfect image of the holiday season, However most of the time that comes with stress and pressure to get it right. Join us on Mental Wealth as we explore the beauty of imperfection during Christmas.

Joining us this week is my lovely friend Naomi Victoria. We have a deep dive into the pressures, our experiences, family gatherings and practical tips on how to let go of the pressure for a flawless Christmas and create memories.

This is the last episode of 2023, we hope you have a lovely Christmas and it’s exactly how you want it to be – See you in January!

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If you know anyone that is struggling and suffering from suicidal thoughts. Please get in touch with one of the helplines below.

(Samaritans) 116 123

(Papyrus) Call: 0800 068 4141 Text: 07860039967

We hope you enjoy!


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