Be your own Valentine’s

14 February 2024

Join us on a journey into the heart of nature’s healing embrace as we delve into the profound effects of self-love on our well-being. In this episode, we’re delighted to welcome the insightful Fleur Boxall, whose expertise in mindfulness and self-care illuminates our understanding of the powerful connection between nature and self-discovery.

Fleur is a nature connection coach, Nature based therapist, Nature & Forest Therapy Guide and EcoNIDRA meditation teacher. And, Fleur shares her wisdom and experiences, guiding us through practices that foster self-compassion and appreciation for the world around us. Whether you’re seeking solace amidst the trees or simply to reconnect with your own inner landscape, this episode offers inspiration and practical insights to cultivate a more loving relationship with yourself and nature.

Through intimate conversations and reflections, we explore how immersing ourselves in the beauty of the natural world can deepen our sense of self-love and acceptance. From the restorative power of forest bathing to the transformative impact of mindful hiking, each moment spent in nature becomes a gentle reminder to nurture our inner selves.

We hope you enjoy this episode and the lovely poem written by Fleur below!

We also touch on Womanifest 2024, which we will be both attending and hope to see you there too:

Follow your heart and treat yourself to some self love products:

‘You See Sister’

Why is it That when we buy a gift for a friend or someone we love

The effort made Is always displayed?

We take time to consider what they would really desire

Planning ahead of time

Nothing sent from Amazon prime

Or last minute cheap bottle of wine It’s an ‘Etsy’ gift

Personalise and unique

Or bought from a fancy boutique

Or ‘not on high street’

Always wrapped in the prettiest paper

Or gift bag With a tag

To say ‘Happy Birthday’ a moon pig card

To make them laugh If they need a hug

To say we care We’re always there

To let them know they are loved

But when it’s just us

We resign ourselves to the bargain basement

No need to make a statement

We head for the aisle

Where things are a little bit broken

The dress with a slight rip

Or unusable zip

Or unforgiving stain It’s cheap, marked down, always picked from the sale rail We save the quality, Tesco Finest, The John Lewis purchase M&S , the best For the rest only ever for everyone else

Leaving ourself on the value shelf

Of life In love How sad it is

To always stand at the back

When the photo’s taken

Wearing an invisible cloak is no joke

Leaving ourselves out Last to be chosen

Your poor heart frozen

Not safe to be seen

Told off for being a ‘Drama Queen’

Learned behaviour Won’t be your saviour How sad it is

To always wear boring grey ‘It don’t matter anyway’

You say to yourself

Every day But it does It’s only when

You learn to exist For yourself

Raise your self up to the highest shelf

Stop being mean to your self esteem

Only the best will do applies to you too!

Your self worth is worth saving

Take a hard look at how your behaving

Treat yourself with daily love and kindest You see sister

The tag you wear is priceless

That big heart you have

Save some love for yourself Stand at the front

Never doubt

That you count

Take a seat In first class

Don’t be afraid To show off your sassy ass

Don’t be afraid to take up space

Stand in your power

Own your place With Grace

Don’t be afraid of being a disgrace

And never, ever again resign yourself to the bargain bin In life In love

Be your own best friend Put yourself first

Buy yourself flowers

Own your own beautiful worth



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