Can you imagine being free of your fear and phobia?

Your fears and anxiety seems rational at the time, you know that it isn’t and yet you are unable to control it.  It controls you.

I can help you unhitch the anxiety and panic so that you can relax and get on with your life.

Do your phobia often make you feel ‘silly’ and may be even a secret as you make allowances to avoid the situation, often at great lengths.

With me in a safe environment, we can change the way you think and feel about your ‘dreaded’ object or situation

The common ones, although I can work with you and whatever is your big monster!

  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Fear of dogs or animals
  • Fear of heights & ladders
  • Fear of needles, hospitals, dentists
  • Fear of frogs, spider and other creatures
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of water


Whatever you are afraid of, give Alison a call on 07703 599246 for a chat or complete this contact form

It’s a fast, safe approach to getting rid of your phobia. It usually only take 1-2 sessions, so what are you waiting for?

Whatever your phobia is, I guarantee that once you are accepted as a client, I will work with you at the standard fixed cost until your phobia has disappeared.  I can’t say fairer than that can I?

Ask yourself these next few questions and think about what action you want to take:


  • What would your life be like without your phobia?


  • Would you feel more confident?


  • Would you feel more motivated?


  • Would you feel a relief?


  • Would you feel free?

I now believe I can fly.  Thank you so much for your help.  Going on holiday has been such a stress for a long time and now I feel excited to be planning our holiday in September


May 2013

I feel excited about the prospect of going on holiday for the first time in my life.  Going on a plane was my biggest dread, I missed out on the whole airport experience and I now feel relaxed and comfortable with everything”  Brilliant, suitcases at the ready


July 2012

Before I had my NLP session, I used to dread public speaking to the point of not progressing in work, as I knew the next step would involve meetings and presentations.  When I was asked to be my friends best man I felt so sick with nerves I said no, he suggested I tried NLP.  So I had one session with Alison and immediately felt  more confident in myself.  Subsequently I went for an interview for promotion in work a few weeks later and that’s when it really came to life.  I felt so confident in what I was saying and the way I came across that I walked out with my shoulders and head up…3 days later I got the job.  So next it was my turn to be best man and it couldn’t have gone better, not a sign of nerves and just felt relaxed throughout.  It was a fantastic day.  I can truly say that Alison and NLP has changed my life


March 2011

I suffered with claustraphobia.  I had an accident and my doctor needed to refer me for an MRI scan.  I was terrified and went once for the scan although this had to stopped as I was panicking so much.  I saw Alison for hypnosis and she put me in a very relaxed state.  I am pleased to say that I have had my scan and it was so easy


February 2015

I can’t believe how much relaxed I feel generally after working with Alison and addressing my fear of dogs.   I feel like I have been freed and the impact it is having the children is so noticeable too.  I wish I have done this years ago.  Thank you


June 2016

I used to be terrified of dogs, even dogs in the distance and I was passing this fear onto my 3 young children.  It’s amazing how confident I feel around them even to the point where I have had a puppy on my knee.  It has transformed my life.  Thank you


February 2017