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A Path Travelled series are books exploring how we are all shaped and influenced by the lives that we lead and then how this can play out in terms of our thinking and behaviours, both positively and negatively.

By exploring barriers, understanding influences and becoming more aware of yourself, you can then discover new strategies and approaches to happiness and fulfilment. 


You can also find the books in the following libraries:

– The Bodleian Library.

– The Cambridge University Library.

– The Library of Trinity College, Dublin.

– The National Library of Wales.

– The National Library of Scotland.


About the author

Written over the course of eight years A Path Travelled captures and brings together many different experiences and situations, all connected to day to day struggles and challenges.  She has combined her own experiences, knowledge and shares examples where people have overcome their challenges.

Author Alison Blackler is inspired by the resilience and courage that people show and wanted to provide an easy to read guide to compliment her work.  Alison is passionate about people and their potential. She believes that everyone has the resources within and is keen to share steps so that others can change their lives to have a fast track to understanding their own mind.