Self Development Podcast

The Mental Wealth Podcast

This podcast is for you:

If you often find yourself thinking that you’re stuck and don’t know how to make changes

If you have a curiosity and an appetite for self-development

If you want new and better ways to think about and tackle challenges

If you don’t want to wait and accept situations as they are.

A Podcast to invest in your mind

Alison’s here to be your pocket mindset coach, sharing tips, thoughts, and guidance to help you navigate life.


On this podcast, we will talk about 4 main themes.


How to build it and manage self doubt.


Understanding how to find your sense of self and identity.

Modern Challenges Like Social Media

The emotional risks and challenges.

Mental Health

We will tackle this huge subject in bite sized chunks.

A new episode will come out every Wednesday and we will keeping them bite size for you. You will be able to listen wherever and whenever you want!

Each week we’ll talk about a different topic with plenty of tangible tips for you to try. Inviting some special guests onto the podcast, so make sure to watch out for that and  some occasional bonus episodes.

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We can’t wait to get to know you! Remember to message if you want a topic to be covered, or have some feedback.

Alison with podcast microphone

Your Podcast Host

“Hi, My Name is Alison Blackler. I am a Mind Coach, Facilitator and Published Author. I am keen to connect with people who want to be part of the solution rather than the problem. I have had the pleasure of working with individuals, teams, leaders and groups for over 20 years helping them understand this powerful piece of kit!

Before creating this new podcast, I hosted a radio show called ‘Making Sense’ on a local community radio station – ‘Wirral Wave Radio’. Each episode had a theme and I shared experiences, asked thought provoking questions, discussed tools and techniques all to help you make sense of your life. Having the experience of recording Making Sense, has  has given me the confidence to create this podcast.”

Here’s what some of the listeners are saying about the mental wealth podcast…

A Great Listen


“Great, short episodes packed with useful steps to do straight away. Looking forward to the next episodes, thank you Alison!”

Loving this podcast

“Alison has a wonderful voice to listen to. She gives wonderfully clear and sound advice and helpful tips around building great mental health. I highly recommend you give her podcast a listen!”

Mental Wealth

“I love Alison’s approach to managing and improving our mental health. She helps you understand how the mind works and gives tasks to help you keep your thought’s positive!! An absolute must if you are struggling with anxiety, low self esteem and lacking confidence! I highly recommend you follow her.”

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Want to be a guest on the podcast?

We are looking for guests with an message that can resonate with the listeners and help them on their journey of self-development.

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