Want to be on our podcast?

Mental Wealth Podcast Guest Info

We are extremely happy that you’re interested in our podcast and we will be potentially working together to get your message out there!

We want guests to have an interesting message that will help cover the 4 themes we have set out for the podcast. 

The podcast is here to be a pocket mindset coach, sharing tips, thoughts, and guidance to help the listener navigate life.


20-30 Minute episodes

Available on all platforms

The Four Main Themes 


How to build it and manage self doubt.


Understanding how to find your sense of self and identity.

Modern Challenges Like Social Media

The emotional risks and challenges.

Mental Health

We will tackle this huge subject in bite sized chunks.

Do you think you could give our listeners insightful information?

*There is currently a waiting list


What to Expect

Once you have completed the information form so we can check suitability, we will arrange a zoom call to record.

We can arrange a quick preparation call if needed, although we like the interviews to flow without too much planning.

We will send you a calendly to book a convenient time.

We like to keep the episodes bite-sized so that the listener can take away a little tip, each one varies around 15-30 minutes in length.

We will promote across all socials and ask that guests do the same.

What we expect from the guest – Because we want to keep the message to the best standards, we also want that for the sound quality too. We advise guests to use a studio microphone (if possible), headphones and a quiet place to record.

We do all our guest podcasts over zoom, so with your permission we might use some of the video call for future content.

Any questions on this, please email George on admin@2-minds.co.uk

Podcast FAQs

How do I apply?

To be a podcast guest, click here to fill out a short form, this give us an understanding of you and your message.

You can also contact us at: admin@2-minds.co.uk

After I fill out the form, what happens next?

We like to make sure you’re a great fit for the podcast and our audience. If you fit the criteria – we will get back to you with a few available dates to book on.

What topics don't qualify?
We are unable to cover: Religion, politics, highly sensitive topics or personal stories that are less relatable.
When will my episode be aired?
Usually after your recording, we like to make sure that the episode goes out on the next cycle of shows. However, sometimes to fit with the scheduling theme – It could be up to 3 months.