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Communicating skills

This is an interesting topic, and when it is understood, it can help explain many challenges in our conversations, particularly within intimate relationships.  So often, arguments with partners can be far more heated than they need to be, and this is down to different...

Activity for All Spring Market

Not long until this spring gift & craft market! Alison will have her own stall selling all the gorgeous products.   Luxury skin, jewellery, home products, food & alcohol gifts, crochet, art, children’s books, honey & bee’s gifts and much more! We are...

Discover true self-love & happiness

I joined Ian on his podcast ‘So what’s your story?’, and it was great to talk about self-love and appreciating ourselves, flaws and all. Thank you to Ian for letting me come on his podcast! Make a difference, Have lightbulb moments, Find a reason to get up in the...

Spring into Action – 2minds Newsletter

I am wondering if the spring is really here or whether we still need to wear thermals. This spring newsletter is backed with ideas and things for you to consider as you 'spring into action'.

Self Confidence

What is it that makes us loss our self confidence, self worth and motivation to move forward.

What is a phobia?

A phobia is an irrational intense fear of an object or situation that poses little or no danger. It often looks similar to a normal fear, but it’s in the degree to which a person is affected that determines whether that fear has become a phobia.