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‘Making Sense’

‘Making Sense’ is an exciting new radio show that we started on Wirral Wave Radio and is presented by Alison Blackler.

Each show will be an hour of sharing experiences, asking thought provoking questions, discussing tools and techniques to help you make sense of your life.

It will be an upbeat, safe place to chat about all things that challenge us as humans in the 21st century.

Have any question you wanted to ask us on the show? Or maybe you would like to request a song.


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About Wirral Wave Radio

Wirral Wave Radio are a not-for-profit run by volunteers and throughout the pandemic, despite no government funding, we have continued to be a vital resource to our communities sharing news, boosting moral and playing fantastic music 24/7.

“Our vision is to use the reach of the internet to provide the Wirral with an online community radio station which covers local activities and groups, showcases local talent and projects of interest.”

“We also want to provide the opportunity for all parts of the community to have an active role in running and providing content for a local radio station. It is our aim to be the first port of call for you to share your community  events with the rest of the Wirral.”

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Prefer reading blogs? We have blogs linked to the every episode of the radio show!

Radio Blog

Episode 1 – ‘New Beginnings’

Welcome to my blog. I hope to inspire you to make sense of your life, by looking at common challenges, give explanations for how our minds work and why we think/behave like we do. Through-out these blog episodes, I will be sharing my experiences as a mind coach,...

Radio Blog

Episode 2 – ‘Resilience’

Hello everyone,  In the last blog post, I talked about resolutions and goals. and, how we often give up some of our ideas this way into the first few months of the year. I proposed the idea of the main focus being to be happy. How have you got on? Did you manage to...

Making Sense Show Schedule

A new episode of the show is premiered every Monday with repeats throughout the week.









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