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In And On the Mind

Join the safe space Facebook community of like-minded people today.

This is your PRIVATE, interactive space to explore challenges particularly of your mind, you can ask questions, lean on each other and share your successes. We all do better when we connect and appreciate you are not alone.

There will be a blend of thought provoking and fun questions, ‘Lives’ and Coffee time with Alison, ‘Ask me anything’ sessions and topic related mini workshops. We are building this group from the success of the free challenges so this community will be a more permanent version of that.

Chances to win prizes when you invite friends into the group and other spot times.

We hope that you will enjoy this space as much as we will.

Alison Blackler

What you get from being in the group

We will be creating exclusive content that you can only find in the group, essentive prize draws, as well as weekly live streams to chat, story tell and even ask Alison questions.

We want this group to be about YOU so whatever topic you want to talk about, we will learn together.

Sign up today!

Alison Blackler on phone

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the group, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact George @ admin@2-minds.co.uk