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1:1 coaching provides a safe space for you to find the answers, create your own personalised strategies and be the best version of yourself. 

This can be in your professional or personal life. 


Find out about a unique, experiential programme for leaders, managers and teams through workshops, group coaching and 1:1 coaching to improve engagement, productivity and happiness. 


Take a look at A Path Travelled series to discover answers about your life and relationships.

Both books take you on a journey of self-discovery, with exercises throughout.


Check out this online Programme and go on your own personalised journey of self-discovery?

There are a set of 12 videos delivered by Alison and you get lifetime access.

About Alison Blackler

Alison is a transformational mind coach, facilitator and author. Her unique approach helps individuals and teams to explore, recognise and understand why we think like we do. She describes herself as having a powerful toolkit to help to uncover the root of challenges.

Her approach at 2minds, supports individuals in their personal lives. It also works particularly well in leadership and management which creates employee engagement and better results for organisations. Alison finds that self-awareness allows individuals to understand their own habits and patterns and improvement communication.


Tote Bag

“I’m Following My Own Path”


If you are serious about following your own path, this tote bag gives a clear message to yourself and everyone who sees it!

The statement on this bag is a big part of message through A Path Travelled series. 

'A Path Travelled'
‘A Path Travelled Series’

A Path Travelled – How to make sense of your life explores how we are all shaped and influenced by the lives that we lead and then how this can play out in terms of our thinking and behaviours, both positively and negatively. 

A Path Travelled – How to make sense of relationships explores the challenges and joys of more intimate relationships. It covers more challenging relationships, new love, ending a relationship and the features of a healthy relationship.

A Path Travelled – Wellbeing journal encourages you to try to write every day. Set aside a few minutes every day to answer the questions, both setting your intentions at the start of the day, and then reflecting what has gone well at the end of the day. It is a place to express your thoughts, emotions, and what is on your mind.

Online Masterclass Programme

The Programme is designed to fast track your thinking and behaviours so you can learn how to make sense of your life. Guiding you through a series of 12 videos, you are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. This programme will help you to understand yourself by exploring the mind theory and your lived experiences, with continued support via A Path Travelled Facebook Community.

Online Master Class Programme

Making Sense is an exciting new radio show on Wirral Wave Radio and is presented by Alison Blackler.

It is a fortnightly show of sharing experiences, asking thought provoking questions, discussing tools and techniques to help you make sense of your life, plus some great tunes. You can listen throughout the week.

Heres what our clients are saying.

Siân Thomas

I met Alison during a group training session, and was so impressed by her training style that I asked her for some tailor made training for myself and a colleague. Her clear, informative style and eye-opening information has had a hugely positive impact on my confidence and ability as a Manager, particularly in terms of giving and receiving feedback. I find Alison to be supportive, knowledgeable and transformative, and I’ve booked further 1-2-1 sessions with her. I also have her book and have underlined significant amounts of information, it’s been hugely helpful to my mental health and personal development.

Julie Robinson

I’ve done a lot of mind training and spent a lot of money in the process but what I love about Alison is that she’s real to me. She’s accessible. She isn’t some American celebrity that I can’t identify with. I’m currently part of a group masterclass and we meet once a week. I know that Alison has supported each and everyone of us privately via email… I can’t thank or reccomend Alison highly enough. I’ve gained so much knowledge about the mind and how to change limiting thoughts and turn them into positive beliefs and actions. I will forever ‘be curious and fascinated’ by people.. Read the book. It will change your life… Literally x

Sally Wallwin

Alison is a truly wonderful lady. I met her through the course of my work and at a time when there were many things changing in my life. There were some changes that were happening that I felt concerned about and Alison gave me the support I needed and the tools and also the mindset to realise it was OK for me to express those concerns. It made all the difference and gave me a way forward when I couldn’t see a way through. She has also given me great support when I was worried about an important person in my life. I can’t recommend Alison highly enough to anyone who feels stuck. There is a way forward and Alison will signpost you to it – guaranteed.

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