Would you love to have more control over your eating habits?

We all have some sort of relationships with food.  Do you want unhealthy foods when you are stressed, bored, lonely, unhappy?  Does your weight yo yo?

Do you find you are constantly thinking about food and about what you should and shouldn’t eat?  Have you tried every diet and can only get to a certain weight? Is your weight preventing you from doing other things in life?

Whether you are a seasoned dieter or just want to belief in yourself more, I can help you explore the reason why you are not looking after yourself and respecting your body.

 Demand the best from yourself and really think about your behaviour.

 New non-diet approach relies on your mind, not your food, to lose weight


These are the secrets I believe are key for weight loss?


Having self confidence and motivation

Believing in yourself and your achievements 

Reducing your portion sizes and eating slower

Stopping the cravings for high fat, sugary foods

Developing a healthy relationship with food

Wanting and enjoying healthy choices

Increasing your motivation to exercise

Stopping your comfort eating at the wrong times of day

Creating a picture of yourself the weight or dress size you want to be


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I haven’t eaten chocolate for over 3 weeks and certainly won’t be going back to it.  I feel I have a handle on my eating habits now and can start to feel the difference


June 2016

I have been doing well with my plan.   I have joined the gym round from work and I have been going after work.  I feel a lot healthier and started to drop a few pounds – I also have been eating healthy too – having salads for lunch and I have cut out bread at breakfast and also lunch.  Really pleased with my progress and can tell I feel different as I now know that I can achieve my target weight


September 2012

I haven’t thoughts about eating “rubbish” for weeks now and you are right I actually do not want them.  It has really given me the confidence to know that I can achieve my target in terms of the weight and I feel focused and up for the job.  Thank you


September 2016

I feel so much in control of myself and my eating habits.  I feel my sessions have given me to kick start that I needed and now I know that I am important which is driving and motivating me to achieve my target.  I would never have thought of this approach although I can see the importance of it now. I am putting myself,  am focused and my determination is helping with overall happiness.  Thank you so much for your time, patience and energy


November 2016