Transformational mind coach

Transformational mind coach

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1:1 Coaching

Are you struggling with unhelpful thinking?

Are you aware you are holding yourself back?

Would you like to explore your own internal world, limiting habits and behaviours?

1:1 coaching provides a safe space for you to find the answers, create your own personalised strategies and be the best version of yourself.


Do you like finding your own answers?

Are you interested in learning why you think in a certain way?

Would you like to understand your own habits and behaviours?

A Path Travelled is a series of books

 How to make sense of your life and How to make sense of relationships

Leaders & Teams

Are you finding it hard to motivate your team?

Do you know that your team could be more productive and happy?

Do you recognise the value in engaging with your teams?

Embark on a unique, experiential programme for leaders, managers and teams. Productivity, creativity and happiness are a bi-product.


Online Programme

Would you like to go on your own personalised journey of self-discovery?

Would you like a lifetime access to your own mind coach?

Do you want to be more confident and happier?

This online programme takes you through a set of 12 videos delivered by Alison to your laptop.

About Alison Blackler

About Alison Blackler

Alison is a transformational mind coach, facilitator and author. Her unique approach helps individuals and teams to explore, recognise and understand why we think like we do. She describes herself as having a powerful toolkit to help to uncover the root of challenges.

Using the neuroscience behind our behaviours, this enables and empowers people to become more aware of how the mind works.

Her approach supports individuals in their personal lives. It also works particularly well in leadership and management which creates employee engagement and better results for organisations.

Alison finds that self-awareness allows individuals to understand their own habits and patterns and improvement communication.

A Path Travelled Series

Finding the answers to help you have the life you want is what I am passionate about.

A Path Travelled Series comprises of 2 books which take you on a journey of self-discovery. The first one explores the relationship we have with ourselves and the second focuses on intimate relationships.

I draw on my training and expertise as a mind coach, along with my own personal experiences, I describes how our own minds work, how we are influenced by others and gives a reason why things often turn out in a certain way.

A must-read for those who want to learn new ways to happiness and fulfilment.

Click here to find more and where you can get your copy.

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