Passionate About Your Potential

Passionate About Your Potential

Coming April 2020 !

A Path Travelled, Alison's first book out now
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A Path Travelled

I am excited to published my first book in April 2020.

This is a huge personal achievement and I hope that it allows the reader to fast track their personal development.

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Radio Show starting in January 2022.

Check out my latest article in LBNDaily where I share the plans for my new radio show in January 2022.

Personal and Professional Success during uncertain times

The pandemic all companies around the globe have faced together this past year changed the dynamics of business operations and the workforce. Whether in the role of owner, management or employee who support the business, the sudden change of circumstances led to...

Connect with nature during Mental Health Week

During Mental Health Week, mind coach Alison Blackler, founder of Wirral-based 2minds, says connecting with nature can boost your mental health.

Adjusting to the New Normal

Check out this panel interview organised by the Women's Organisation about adjusting back to the new normal. I share the 'stage' with Shazney Spence and Kimberley Robinson. The password is NewNormal1!

The huge task of managing your emotions

Managing our emotions has never been more difficult in this current situation. The emotional part of the mind will be challenged every day with the uncertainty and pressure we are all under. Check out this article if you want to understand how to manage your emotions better.

Published Articles

How our relationships impact our lives and wellbeing

Check out my latest article in LBN Daily, where I talk about my professional expertise, and my own lived experience, to analyse the often complex dynamics of relationships.

Top tips to conquer your fears exiting lockdown

We will all have mixed feelings about coming out of restrictions. Some will be desperate to meet with others, while others are feeling concerned. Check out my article published in LBNdaily about the differences and what to do to help yourself.

How you can build resilience during lockdown

Check out my article in LBNdaily where I explain why resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic is so important and what you can do to build it.

10 tell-tale signs of a worker under stress

Since March we have been dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic and this has brought stress and upheaval into all of our lives. Check out my latest article in Liverpool Business News about how to spot to signs of stress.

Dealing with bereavement and grief during lockdown

Alison explains that the lock down will mean that bereaved people are likely to have to deal with increased trauma and may be cut off from some of their usual support network