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Following My Own Path

Whether you or your loved one has been on a journey of self-discovery or may have been through a difficult time, these products are designed to send love, create self-love and joy. We have created gorgeous things that reminds you of your progress and that you deserve lovely things.

Pausing and thinking about yourself in this way is an act of self-love and compassion, and we all need some more of that. We especially love the affirmations on the shelves, a constant reminder.

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Naomi Victoria

“Learning to love yourself is key”

I want people to understand that whatever happens in their lives, there is a way back to happiness. Sometimes it can be small everyday steps, other times it is big, bold changes.

We all find ourselves in situations that make us feel hopeless, but hope is never really lost. My work is about the small things everyday that can support you to discover your own inner happy and help you to truly love your life.

10% of all sales from the website goes Papyrus – Prevention of Young Suicide, helping to support their good work. There is also a resource section here on the website for anyone who needs support.

Personally Positive product range include life-affirming and uplifting items for the everyday, including hoodies featuring affirmations and homewares such as candles and matches. There are new products on the way too

I love to share my learnings in the hope I can inspire others to transform their lives for the better.

Naomi Victoria

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