Team Learning & Development

Team Learning & Development workshops are generally bespoke and tailored for the team.

No workshops are off the shelf and results are usually apparent in the sessions.

Here are ideas of what is available.  All workshops are interactive, engaging and experiential.

Talk to me about challenges in your business.

  •     Understand and communicate compellingly to different styles
  •    Behavioural & Management styles
  •    How to build trust
  •    Maintain a positive mind set that promotes resourcefulness and productivity
  •    Build on team and individual effectiveness
  •    Maximise personal presence and impact
  •    Develop a great awareness of behaviours
  •    Encouraging creativity and innovation
  •    Create a high performance driven culture and values
  •    Create and maintain genuine motivational rapport
Creating a Compelling Impression
This workshop is designed to create a lasting impression and give the best presentation.  It helps you understand the power of unconscious body language so your audience will never forget you.  You will also understand the impact of any negative thoughts have about yourself, how this will impact on your performance and what you can do to change this.

  • To learn how to manage your state
  • To acknowledge how we limit ourselves and increase self awareness
  • To experience the basics of rapport building
  • To practice confidence building techniques
Team Effectiveness
This workshop is designed to help your team realise their own power and to take ultimate responsibility.  It’s a great place to start if you want your team to get a winning mindset

  • Understand about self limiting decisions and their impact
  • Inject motivation and productivity
  • Maintain a positive mindset that promotes resourcefulness and productivity
  • Maximise personal presence and impact – you take responsibility
  • Effective questioning and active listening




Resilience through Change
This workshop is designed to focus teams on the impact of change and rather than put their head in the sand at difficult times, to face it and they learn to appreciate that everyone copes with change differently.  This approach can take the frustration and stress out.

  • Bring happiness and joy into the workplace
  • Tools and techniques to help maintain and build resilience through transition
  • Understanding the impacts of change on self and others and how to manage
  • Communicating effectively to maximise ‘buy in’ and efficiency
  • Align change with values and beliefs and feel part of the business
  • Understand and adapt to different personalities
  • Explore conflict and value in an organisation
Mental Health Awareness
  • What is mental health
  • Signs & symptoms
  • Using case studies to explore managing
  • Managing your own mental health
  • Supporting others

Outcomes for session:

  • Managers will have an awareness of mental health
  • Have an understanding of common signs and symptoms
  • Skill up and inform team leaders how to spot and manage staff members
  • Develop shared and positive culture and language within the business

These sessions can be supported by 1:1 coaching sessions were staff members are struggling with their mental health, particularly when this is impacting on their work



Boosting Creativity
This workshop is designed to build team effectiveness.  We all know that a lot of time is wasted within businesses in meetings, with poor communication and dancing around giving feedback.  This workshops looks at effective ways of using time and resources.  If your meetings always run over, this workshop is for your business?

  • Boosting creativity
  • Solution based thinking workshop
  • Give quick feedback which builds teams, trust and motivation
  • How to build on team and individual effectiveness
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations
  • Resolving conflict
  • Running an efficient and effective meeting
Influencing through Integrity
This workshop is designed to maximum communication whether that is between team members, other teams or with customers or clients.  It is a real winner with Sales Teams.  Learning to build rapport although in a way not considered before.  It’s powerful

  • Advanced communication
  • Building compelling rapport with others
  • Learn to speak a new language
  • Create and maintain genuine motivational rapport
  • Understand why some people just don’t seem to hear you
  • Explore and play with powerful hypnotic language
  • Modelling Excellence
  • Covert persuasion
The Board have really enjoyed the series of workshops, we feel that we genuinely understand one another more now and have knowledge to  drawn on each other’s strengths and differences to be more effective
General Practitioner

May 2013

Every single person I’ve spoken to said the day was enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile. In hindsight; I had some nervousness around how NLP type techniques would land with a Procurement team but my concerns proved unfounded. Thank you for the effort in both preparing and executing the day – we really enjoyed it

Procurement Team


The only training course I’ve ever been on where I didn’t look at my watch once.  An excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed, thought provoking and informative
S. Hegerty, Sales Team

Augean plc

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