The Cheshire Club’s first Wirral Brunch Club


21 February 2024

Spark genuine conversations, share ideas, and foster lasting relationships at our brunch club.

I’m thrilled to establish a space for connection and inspiration. As a speaker myself, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host remarkable guest speakers, fostering positive relationships.

Join us for an engaging and casual brunch where you can connect with individuals who share your interests. The Cheshire Club is dedicated to forging meaningful connections that support both personal and professional growth.

✅ Inspiring guest speakers
✅ Connecting with like-minded individuals
✅ Expanding your horizons
✅ Delicious food and drinks
✅ Free parking

Join us on the 21st March for the first Wirral Brunch club. Joining us is the amazing Ije McDougaal as our guest speaker, she’ll be diving into the topic of ‘On Purpose’.


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