Public Speaking

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I have just met Alison at F Networking and instantly her presence in the room lifted everyones spirits. Her 5 minute talk was enough to get everyone hooked and wanting to know more about the awesome services she provides. I am looking forward to her workshops and book that is coming out soon.

I have recently observed Alison delivering employee engagement workshops. Her ability to facilitate and engage the room is outstanding. She knows her subject. The group she worked with were really struggling to connect and relate but she managed to create a learning environment that meant by the close of the workshop the group had started to bond and managed to navigate some very tough conversations. Alison is a class act.

Alison has an incredible knack for understanding and knowing how you feel and what to say. Her positivity can be infectious, especially when she recognises the need for support and understanding. I have read her book, and it made me analyse my own behaviours and interactions with people. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.

Alison's experience

Alison is a coach, facilitator and more recently a Public Speaker. She is able to bring to life her knowledge, experience and insights in the area of human behaviour spanning over 15 years. She is known for her passion, enthusiasm and ability to inspire individuals, groups and teams in many settings.

Inspirational Speaker

Alison’s personal journey is integral to her message. In her speaking, she carefully combines her knowledge around the neuroscience of the brain and human behaviours delivering a compelling and real narrative. This gives the audience an honest message, one which they can relate to and learn new approaches from. She is skilfully able to explain how it is important to let go of the past, turn challenges into life lessons and can share a wide range of skills to create a more powerful way of thinking and being through stories and real life examples.

Alison can tailor a talk to a specific audience although topics can include building self confidence, resilience, finding motivation, understanding negative thinking, the power of the mind, relationships and communication, plus many many more.


Talking about her book A Path Travelled

Alison has been writing her own book for a number of years. Something she never thought she would do and she uses this experience to inspire others.

A Path Travelled is a simple explanation of the science behind our behaviours, why we find ourselves in certain situations and how to make positive changes to free ourselves from negativity, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours allowing us to create the live we deserve. Her messages in the book are a perfect set of topics for public speaking opportunities when the audience want to be inspired and revitalised.

Alison’s vision is to spread the word, give people the tools to have the life they want and she is keen to pursue this through public speaking events.


Corporate Speaking

Alison is experienced within the Corporate world and is accustomed at speaking to groups of business owners, business leaders and can inspire them around topics like employee engagement, the power of trust in a successful business and managing conflict.