Join in the fun and take some time out for you

I run fun, lively workshops, perfect for your personal development.  If you are interested in more details, please contact me, there could be a date coming up.

Here’s are a few.  I run other personal development workshops from time to time, it could be a perfect one for you.  Get in touch just in case.

Abundance workshop

This workshop helps you understand the power of your mind and how you can have and get more for yourself.  More happiness, more peace, more money, more love…….

Exhausted, burnt out

This workshop explores what is likely to happen when we are drained, tired and on our knees.  We will explore behaviours and the impact of people pleasing, putting others first, can’t say no, comparing to others or what happens when we follow someone else’s path instead of our own.

Getting the life you want

This series of 4 workshops can be done as stand alone or as a full package.

  • awareness – learn techniques for being in the moment, being aware and what happens when you do
  • reframe – learn the power of seeing situations from another perspective while still being true to yourself.  Learn how to get out of drama and understand the purpose of challenging situations.
  • letting go – learn how to free yourself of old stories, negative emotions, behaviours and habits.
  • communication – learn how to communicate better, have stronger relationships and have peace in your life


What influences us

This workshop explores some of the many factors which shape us.  Every situation, person and experience will have had an impact – this workshop helps us make sense of them, understand how they can influence, hold us back or drive us.  Once we understand we can change the patterns and habits in our lives.

Relationship Insight

Is your relationship healthy?  Does it start well and then go horribly wrong?  Do you attract the right person for you?

On this workshop we start to:

  • explore patterns in relationships, behaviours and how deep rooted triggers are set off
  • understand how your values and beliefs are involved
  • learn how to communicate your needs
  • dealing with the reality of being in a relationship once the ‘honeymoon period’ is over.
Switch on the good stuff - self hypnosis

A unique experience of self hypnosis

“Switch on the Good stuff”

This 2 day workshop will inspire, energise and re- balance you!

Learn self hypnosis and relaxation

Do you feel that your emotions control you, making you feel stressed, tired, upset, angry or anxious? Then this is the course for you.

Together we will explore your emotional centre and teach you how to take charge of yourself including how to:

  • Understand  your mind/body connection
  • Switch off the internal chatter
  • Sleep better
  • Turn up your energy, motivation, happiness, peace
  • Turn down your stress, anxiety, anger.

During the two days you will learn simple self hypnosis, experience your own unique relaxation techniques, get a handle on your negative emotions and discover just how powerful you really are!

Spaces are limited

Unlimited drinks – please make your own lunch arrangements

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Places will get snapped up!

 If a workshop isn’t the right approach for you, have a think about booking a 1:1 programme

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