Do you need more self-love? Do you find it hard to put yourself first?


11 January 2024

In our society, love with another is seen as essential but what about self-love. But self-love that isn’t just the occasional beauty treatment or shopping spree. These types of self-care are like swimming in shallow water – they provide momentary relief but do nothing to heal the deep wounds that lie below.
Loving yourself should be more than just buying a new dress or heading to the spa.
Self-love is a journey that takes you much deeper than that.
In this on-line workshop, we will explore what self-love really means and how to have more. We will look at boundaries, understanding what truly gets in the way and lots of practical tips to take away.
📅 12th Feb 2024
⏰ 7PM – 2 Hours
*50% of ticket sales will be donated to Girls Out Loud through Womanifest

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