Find More Inner Strength | Facebook FREE Challenge

Join me for the next FREE Finding Your Inner Strength Facebook Challenge! This challenge is for you if you want to know about: – The Workings Of Mind – Learn About Self Talk – How To Creative A Different Perspective – Learn How To Get More Out Of Yourself I will be live on a private Facebook page each day and take you on a journey of self discovery. A chance to win free access to the online masterclass programme! Each day will be a different topic filled with insightful information, tools and daily exercises to get us motivated for the year and feel more confident. This event starts on the 3rd-5th April at 7pm every night!

Time Mastery Workshop @ Oxton Wellness Centre⏰

Oxton Wellness Centre Suite 2, 2A Victoria House, Wirral, United Kingdom

If you feel like you are stretched, juggling, tired and even burnt out, then this workshop is for you. This straight-taking, human approach to managing busy lives and priorities. Come and learn the brain science behind how we get in our own way and different strategies to managing time. Alison will explore challenges faced when feeling overwhelmed. Unlock the Power of Time Mastery, Elevate Your Productivity, Prioritise with Precision and Embrace the Human Approach to Time Management.   Oxton Wellness Centre Suite 2, 2A Victoria House Victoria Mount Oxton Wirral, CH43 5TH   SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW<<

The Truth Behind Self Love

In collaboration with Womanifest, we are bringing a online workshop about self love. In our society, love with another is seen as essential but what about self-love. But self-love that isn’t just the occasional beauty treatment or shopping spree. These types of self-care are like swimming in shallow water - they provide momentary relief but do nothing to heal the deep wounds that lie below. Loving yourself should be more than just buying a new dress or heading to the spa. Self-love is a journey that takes you much deeper than that. In this on-line workshop, we will explore what self-love really means and how to have more. We will look at boundaries, understanding what truly gets in the way and lots of practical tips to take away. 📅 12th Feb 2024 ⏰ 7PM - 2 Hours 🎫Tickets here Join the Facebook Event page: