Self Confidence

Here are 5 things that can cause you to lose your self-confidence

1. Events that trigger unhappiness

As you go through life, you are bombarded with many situations that determine your happiness. Achieving your goals, meeting Mr or Miss Right, getting the right job and having all of your needs fulfilled all contribute to your happiness.  In your case, selling your house is a huge factor.  If any of these are lacking, you can become unhappy. Over time, this lack of success can cause you to doubt yourself and your abilities.

2. Lack of self-worth

When your needs are not met as outlined in number one, the doubts cause you to lose your selfworth. You begin to devalue yourself because you seem unable to achieve your goals, despite your efforts. You become uncomfortable with yourself and can even resort to self-loathing.

3. Loss of belief in yourself

When you are unhappy and are not comfortable with who you are, you lose belief in yourself. Nothing seems to be working in your life. As this becomes more evident, you start to lose confidence. Gradually you lose all believe in yourself and your capabilities. This can cause you to stop trying.

4. Becoming fearful

As time passes, your loss of self-worth and self belief cause you to become fearful of trying anything new. In fact, you can become reluctant to continue with activities that once gave you pleasure and fulfillment.

5. Reduced self-awareness

At one time, you were very aware of your potential and your limitations. As your unhappiness grew and you began to lose self-worth, you started to lose your ability to identify or connect with your true potential and capabilities.

This slow slide can be caused by certain events in your life that traumatized or upset you in some way. Where you were once confident, this event or series of events caused you to question yourself.

It is not uncommon for people to state that they are confident when in fact they are not. They refuse to accept or are truly unaware of the reality of their situation.

And then there are those who had confidence and do not understand why they no longer have it.

These 5 points will help you to better understand your situation and how you have lost your self confidence


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