Case Study 1

We asked a number of questions focusing on what things were like before and after the Leadership Coaching Programme.

“I have gained time, skills, confidence, insights and respect”

Before the leadership coaching programme

1. What were the main challenges within the team?


There was a lack of accountability, we were not working towards common goals and there was a lot of miscommunication and crossed purposes leading to mistakes and frustration.

2. What were your own challenges as a manager before the leadership programme?


I felt that being an introvert meant I didn’t have the skills to be a good leader. I was feeling invisible, unimportant, struggling with difficult conversations and holding people accountable. I was feeling too “soft” and trying to appease everyone all the time, wanting to keep the peace rather than risk conflict.

3. What have you liked the most from the sessions?


I like that Alison hears what I’m saying and helps me get to the root of the problem. I especially like that she doesn’t collude with me when I’m in drama and has a firm but kind way of challenging me so I can make positive change. I like that she always shares useful, science-based models to improve communication. These not only help me to understand my own behaviour, but give me insight into others, as well as providing practical steps I can take to improve my leadership skills and my own confidence.

4. What made the quickest impact to you and your team?


Many of the tools and suggestions Alison provides can be implemented quickly and easily and therefore reap quick results. The model for feedback has been invaluable to the team and was able to be implemented the same day during appraisals. It makes difficult conversations easier and more productive, provides a clear framework in which to deliver more difficult feedback, and ensures that it is done in a fair and constructive manner. We continue to use it every single time we provide feedback without exception.

5. any other thoughts?


I have felt my sessions with Alison have been absolutely invaluable. Every time, no matter what issues I have been facing, she has provided a safe, supportive, constructive, useful space in which to explore things as deeply as I need to which helps with my own personal development as well as my professional progress. I have learnt and continue to learn so much and would recommend her to any individual or organisation looking to improve skills, communication, team relations and / or your relationship with yourself.

After the leadership coaching programme

1. What changes have you made within your team?


By implementing some of the tools, we now have several common languages through which to communicate clearly and easily with each other. The team understands what it means to hold each other accountable and this makes it so much easier to point things out to each other without causing offence or atmospheres.

2. How has your role changed?


I was a manager when I met Alison and I am now the CEO, something I would have laughed (and cringed) at 2 years ago if you’d have told me. I have also gone from having 4 pages of tasks on a to do list, to clearly laid out priorities each day and time to do them.

3. What have you personally Gained?


I have gained time, skills, confidence, insights and respect. I have gained a better understanding of my own strengths and ways in which to best utilise them.

4. What are you doing more of?


I am delegating more, I am doing more of my actual job and not trying to do everyone else’s for them. I am using tools and techniques that improve my own behaviour and my team’s performance and job satisfaction.

5. What are you doing less of?


I am doing less work that other people can do and empowering them.

I am doing less avoiding of difficult conversations.

6. What differences have been made within the team?


I also feel the team is more empowered as I’ve stopped trying to do everything and fix everything and allowed people the space to work things out for themselves. I feel we provide more consistency, stability and a stronger foundation and have a happier, more productive team as a result.

7. How would you describe your team now?


Happier, more communicative, more understanding of each other, more productive and working much better together.

8. How have you kept the momentum going?


I continue regular sessions with Alison, and because I have cascaded what I’ve learned through the organisation, the whole team is on board, and this makes it much easier to keep up with positive changes.

9. What would you say to another manager who feels they have no time?


With a few simple techniques and suggestions, you can look at time differently and find ways to work in a more time-productive manner, getting more done in less time. I had pages and pages of things to do and now I have a very short list. I’m still very busy but I see and manage my time differently now and feel a lot less stressed.