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People are key to the success and growth of any business

The best leaders recognise the value in engaging with their employees. Companies with an unhealthy culture who don’t value their people are easy to spot because they have a high staff turnover. Employers who value their employees and work with them on their performance are the ones who achieve success!

What do businesses want?

Hit targets

Deliver great customer service

Complete work effectively and cost-efficiently

Make profit

Win sales

I hired Alison to undertake some coaching and training with my Sales Team.  I really wanted something different and to give them an edge over the competition.

Alison undertook 1:1 sessions with the team which in turn provided some great results.  Alison then delivered a Sales Excellence course which was really enjoyed by the team.  We have now since increased our performance.  Thank you

Sales Team Manager

Sales Excellence Workshop, Bagnall and Morris

Bringing in the expertise – 2minds

Alison shares her skills, knowledge and expertise around people development and performance.  She works as an external coach to organisations and offers her wider coaching experience, expertise and an independent perspective.  This allows her to maintain confidentiality, provide fresh ideas and knowledge and offer a more experienced coaching skill set.

In a non-directive manner she provides performance coaching, a trusted sounding board, a thinking partner and professional support.



Drama and conflict – often hidden and unspoken – wasting time and money

Managers not leading by example

Managers promoted without people training

Lack of direction and clear purpose

Hidden patterns and habits with teams or individuals

Cultures rigid and expectations unrealistic ‘this is how we do it round here’

We hired Alison to give your Field Sales Team some new, innovative approaches to communicate to our customers.  The workshop day was interesting and we quickly learnt some new techniques to engage with our customers, and that was great as many of our sales team were already experienced.  The 1:1 coaching to follow was really beneficial to give the team the confidence to deliver the new skills
Sales Team

Advanced Communication Workshop, Augean plc

Having worked with Alison, I can truly see the benefits of having an alternative coaching relationship to the traditional models that are normally offered.  Whilst the usual models consider task orientation and achieve breakthrough by considering goals, reality and alternatives.  The techniques that Alison offers are to go beyond this; deeper into those elements holding self back.  You are able to bring into focus your unconsciousness and those elements you may not even be aware that drive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  You learn to visualise well, both for self and for others – it engages people better.  The new personally-driven techniques to dispel negative emotions allow you to spend your energy on more motivating and rewarding activities.

Senior Leader for Sainsburys

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Benefits of Coaching to Your Business

Overcome costly and time consuming people performance problems

Boost productivity through smarter working

Build confidence

Engage employees

Assist employees in developing to their full potential

Assist employees in self analysis

Improve thinking which influences how we feel then perform

Help competent technical experts develop better interpersonal or managerial skills

Create a culture where employees feel emotionally engaged in their work and want to remain

Bring unhelpful and unspoken habits and issues into awareness

Use neuroscience to understand and cement the experience

Every single person I’ve spoken to said the day was enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile. In hindsight; I had some nervousness around how NLP type techniques would land with a Procurement team but my concerns proved unfounded. Thank you for the effort in both preparing and executing the day – we really enjoyed it
Procurement Team

Team Building Workshop

Corporate Member

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