Where is your focus?


18 March 2012

Self awareness if the first step towards an ideal life, success, living live with purpose, consciousness and achievement. First you need to discover who you are, what you want and what you would like to do. Then you can start focusing on that rather than what you don’t want.

I would like you to start changing your thinking in terms of yourself. Because when someone says “I am anxious”, “I am depressed”, I am a nervous driver” or even “I am clumsy”, notice how that sounds. It almost sounds like an identity and then it becomes part of who you are.

We are therefore each responsible for all of our experiences. Every thought we think is creating our future. We often have some patterns buried deeply within us. Throwing up our hands in horror we may call the mess of our lives and just giving up are the ways many people react at this point. Others get angry at themselves or at life and also give up. Saying to yourself “It’s all hopeless and impossible to make any changes, so why try?” This pain often feels familiar and you just hope it won’t get any worse. It would be much more helpful to ask yourself how you are creating so many situations to get angry at. What do you believe that causes all these frustrations? What are you giving out that attracts in others the need to irritate you? Why do you believe that to get your way you need to get angry? Whatever you give out comes back to you. The more you give out anger, insecurity, sadness or frustration, the more you are creating situations for you these negative feelings and beliefs will come.

At 2minds, we can guide you to focus on what you want in life. Whether you decide to attend a workshop, book a place on our exciting weekend of “Unlock the real you” or booking a 1:1 session. We will show you how to create the life you really want, help you focus on what you want to attract into your life, giving you abundance of positive emotions, experiences and self beliefs.

Here’s a rule of thumb to follow: If you believe that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a very detrimental experience.

Start to practice this yourself, put all your thoughts, beliefs and energy into what it you to happen rather than what you don’t want. Here’s a quick example to help you, I don’t what to be lazy……change this to I want to have energy to exercise?

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