What are mindsets?


31 August 2023

Mindsets are habits of your mind. They are deeply held beliefs, attitudes and assumptions which you create about who you are and how the world works for you. Your mindsets are created by your experiences. From your experiences, you make new connections, and these create new mindsets. You then see the world as you believe it to be. This means that your mindset gives you fragmented ways of looking at the world. Your mind sees the world through your lens which has been created by your experiences. Something to also be aware is your mind can create blind spots which can cause you challenges.

When you try and change your mindsets you will be met by powerful forces. It is important to remember that your minds number one job is to protect you. On a moment-by-moment basis, your mind is searching or recalling information that confirms pre-existing beliefs. It stores literally everything for just in case. This includes what you have seen, heard, felt, and tasted and smelt. Its job is to establish whether a situation is safe or not. In any situation, you have filters which are processing a lot of the stimuli and triggers. These filters help to deal with the eleven million bits of information coming per second. One of the functions of these filters is to delete or distort information to reduce the amount down to about 40 or 50 bits. It is obviously scanning for danger or perceived danger as its primary role is to protect you.

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