The Power Of The Mind | The Struggles In Business


2 June 2023

The mind is a certainty-making machine and is wired to seek out ‘danger’, whether that is physical or something that can be preserved as a social threat. Our emotional mind is triggered five times quicker than the logical mind. Learning how to manage this emotional response can make the difference in each and every moment. It will affect our interpretation of situations, our judgement, plus our problem solving.

A great place to start is to pay ‘actual’ attention to thoughts and their quality and usefulness. The mind makes associations and creates feelings to everything and anything. This can itself be a blocker and a trap for success.

Many of us are likely to have beliefs that inhibit our potential and therefore limit our choices. Many of our core beliefs are created from our childhood and from past experiences. Unfortunately, these can often be negative beliefs about ourselves. The challenge we have is that the subconscious mind takes everything seriously, and this then becomes a reality. Our subconscious mind then interprets things to be evidence that support any belief. It starts to interpret information to fit with the belief.

So why is this important in business? Our beliefs are so powerful, they can direct us on our path of life. At the extreme, much of our self-concept, the ‘Who am I?’ can be a mixture of several beliefs, both positive and negative. These negative beliefs become the stories we tell ourselves and are simply not true. They can often overrule the good beliefs. It’s these beliefs that drive us and such negative beliefs can totally ruin our lives to the point where we think we are a failure, not a good person, not good enough and this can stop our success.

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