Self-Fulfilling Prophecy | The Struggles in Business


8 June 2023

We construct our reality. When we expect things to happen to us or go a certain way based on our internal world, this is described as a self-fulfilling prophecy. This expectation, positive or negative, affects our behaviour and subsequently the outcome. For example, if you repeat ‘I can, I can’ as you run up a hill, you will probably make it. However, if you tell yourself you won’t make it, you will run out of steam half way.

Our own beliefs play a big part in this process as they affect our reality. As Henry Ford said ‘whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right’. When we take the time to notice these limiting thoughts, we will start to see their power and how much these affect life. The first and vital step to making changes is being aware of these thoughts, beliefs and limits within. It is from this position that we can challenge ourselves and this thinking. Hearing our own thoughts about ourselves allows us to make sense of why situations go the way they do and most importantly, the part we play in this.

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