Self-Awareness | The Struggles In Business


24 August 2023

The most powerful strategy that you can learn about is mastering self-awareness. And how we do that is all of the above. We have to be able to acknowledge that we are overthinking, being a perfectionist, in our heads, and overwhelmed before we can change it. We have to find a way to be comfortable with a level of vulnerability before we can work through it. This is the key to being successful.

Recognise your mind is in overdrive or ruminating mode, and then try to snap out of it immediately. Or better still, distract yourself and redirect your attention to something else that requires focus.

It takes practice, but with time, you will be able to easily recognise when you are worrying unnecessarily and choose instead to do something in real life rather than spending a lot of time in your head.

Like all habits, changing your destructive thought patterns can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With practice, you can train your brain to perceive things differently and reduce the stress of overthinking. The outcome of this will be a successful business, with direction, energy and momentum but most importantly there will be a happy, fulfilled owner at the helm.

Keep in mind, there will be some diversions and deviations on parts of the path, and it is from these that we learn the most. Hang in there. Keep positive thoughts and hopes clear and watch out for getting too bogged down with any confusion along the way. Aim to be open and pay close attention to the signals helping to keep you on the right path. These can so easily be missed, so keep a close eye on what unfolds and remember there will be a reason for something happening. When you are able to use the message that unfolds from each situation, this becomes like a secret weapon and is vital to your growth. Dare to dream and see life differently. What will it feel like when you have arrived at a destination which allows you to be yourself? Putting attention on these positive feelings will act as a motivator for change to happen. It can be magical when there is focus in the right direction. It is not the reality changing; it’s the thoughts and feelings about the reality that change. By using some, if not all of these approaches, you will start to take care of YOU. There is little need to push, force or depend on willpower. Often, when we are working too hard, it is because we

are working in the wrong direction. When we are open, believe in ourselves and trust that we have the power to shape our own future, life starts to take a turn for the better. Endings are also beginnings. Pay attention to thinking and change it in areas where there is no peace. By doing so, more happiness and joy will follow, growing within you and everyone that matters.

Watch out for some of the magical changes once you are listening to yourself and taking the right path. You will notice wonderful feelings of contentment, joy and happiness. You will recover at a quicker rate from challenges and feel less exhausted. Positive things will come your way, you will feel healthier in mind and body and make good choices. The hard work and effort are worth it, although the journey is never easy! Remember, great sailors become great from harsher conditions rather than sailing on a millpond. This is life and we can grow from within ourselves.

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