Rise: An Anthology of Women’s Stories: Volume II | Out Now!!


20 April 2023

Women’s stories matter.

Half the global population consists of women. If our stories are not told, then we don’t put a seat at the table when it comes to our rights, our needs, and our experiences. When our stories aren’t told or our voices silenced, then a woman’s life is not fully seen, heard, or respected.

For the truth is, we all have a story to tell.

By telling our stories, we can help a woman feel less alone in the world. It could give her hope, inspiration, and guidance to change the course of her own destiny. Stories are not just about filling the time; they help us to see ourselves and to feel less isolated in the world. There are millions of women out there, each one dealing with her own challenges, pain and issues. And many of them will convince themselves that they are the only ones that have been through something like this. That nobody really cares. That they are all alone.

By women sharing their stories and experiences, we help us all to feel less alone; to have someone relatable who will prove to be a source of inspiration to make positive changes in our own life. Not only this, but the very act of telling your story becomes an act of self-empowerment for the one who shares it. They take ownership of their own experience, which in turn provides healing, clarity and understanding in a way that may not have been able to have been accessed before.

When women tell their stories everyone wins.

The 16 stories you will read in this anthology are told by some phenomenal women. My heart goes out with love and gratitude to each and every one of them for allowing me to hold space to share their story here.

My hope is that they will prove to be inspirational, empowering, and give you hope for your own life.

50% of the proceeds of the book are being donated to Hopestead, a UK based charity that aims to end homelessness in East Anglia.



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