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15 June 2023

The re-sit class is where we find ourselves in a similar or practically identical, unhealthy situation. On repeat. We all say we learn from our mistakes and yet often don’t change any part of our behaviours.

An example is someone who has a limiting belief, exhausts themselves seeking other’s approval and becomes burnt out. The message here is to spot the limiting belief which is driving the need to overcompensating with others. This will only stop when we pause to acknowledge our part. We can attract similar people or situations hence we are in the resit class. There can be situations in business when something doesn’t work out and yet we seem to hit the repeat button. The big lessons usually come through difficult experiences.

We are often so stuck in our heads that we are unable to see what is best. We are likely to not pause and be able to see why something is happening. The goal is to work out what are the messages or learning from these more difficult situations. If attention is not paid to these situations, the lessons will be repeated until a realisation has been made. ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ is a sure sign that you are back in the resit class.

So, how do we get out of this pattern? The first step is to notice which behaviours we are doing too much and which we are not doing enough of. Noticing this is valuable. When we ignore or are unaware, we will usually miss the important lesson. A word of warning, this takes courage admitting that our own behaviours are contributing to the difficulties. It is much easier to blame someone else. Understanding and accepting the lesson out of the challenging situation will allow movement and growth.

Chapter taken from my feature in Successful Women In Business

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