Paralysed By Details | The Struggles In Business


20 July 2023

When we stop to notice that a situation or scenario hasn’t worked out, we gain valuable information towards a new approach. This is feedback which is useful. When the thinking changes about a situation, we will be able to move out of the re-sit class with a new insight.

When there is something not quite right, it is common to be either doing too much or too little of something. These realisations usually mean that we need to give up on old behaviours as they are not giving us the results we want. For example, through a need to please and for acceptance, you may find yourself running round for a customer who then doesn’t follow up with you. We then jump to the position of blaming the other person and get annoyed with them. This behaviour will only drain you and fill you with negativity.

This section was taken from my collaboration with A Woman’s Bible. If you’re enjoying this content, make sure to pick up the book ‘Successful Women In Business’:

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