Own Worst Enemy | The Struggles in Business


25 May 2023

When we get deeper into the reality of the mind, firstly we will feel less alone, and secondly, we can then look for strategies and tools to improve, change or even stop some unhelpful behaviours.

It is really important to explore some of the internal challenges which are linked to the mind, beliefs and past experiences. These can often be the most known and obvious situations and yet can still play a prominent part in our lives. As humans, we can all have habits of being hard on ourselves, doubting, comparing and listening to unhelpful self-talk.

The mind often travels along well-worn paths so it’s easier to adopt the behaviours and solutions we have used before. A new approach encourages the development of neural networks that help people deviate from those paths, into uncharted territory where answers await.

There are so many factors to consider when in business and the most effective are when we focus on ourselves. Having self-awareness around behaviours, thoughts and reactions is key to success, keeping a close eye on well-being and mental health in the process. We are more effective when we become aware of our patterns in how we think, feel, and act. Self-awareness also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. When we have techniques to manage our emotional mind, then we are able to make good decisions, be creative and problem-solve.

Next week, we will be exploring the power of the mind.

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