No More Ploughing On | The Struggles In Business


4 August 2023

When you notice that you are exhausted, unproductive or agitated, this is the time to stop. It is too common to see people who are pushing themselves. They have so much to achieve and seem to be going round in circles. It takes courage to stop and take a break. Sometimes we just need to shut the laptop and get out into nature or see a friend. If we don’t prioritise this, then there is a risk of burn out.

The second important part to this is to not worry or feel guilty about your work. There needs to be a choice between being off and working. If in leisure time, you are worrying and thinking about work, then you are not getting the break you need. Decide you are having time off and give yourself permission to do that. This allows you to recharge your batteries. By stopping, ‘properly’ you will restore your energy and feel more focused when you come back.

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