My first book is 4 years old!


19 April 2024

Writing and publishing “A Path Travelled – How To Make Sense of Your Life”, my exploration of self-discovery, was a pivotal moment in my life. My younger self would never have believed it possible.🎉  📖


This book turns 4 today, and to know it has helped and touched so many people is incredibly humbling. 🙏 Hearing from readers who found comfort or inspiration in my book is incredibly motivating and reinforces the power of sharing experiences. Reaching 4 is a milestone as it is receiving 88 reviews on Amazon and lots of other messages over the year. 🎈

Here are a few reviews for you to read:

🌟 “This book is a valuable handbook for life and all that comes from it. I’ve personally found understanding the drama triangle invaluable both at work and in my personal life.”


🌟 “Absolutely love this book, it speaks from a very personal place and I took many things from it, understanding that I have much more within me that is good as well as bad, those experiences do not own me unless I let them and reframing, learning from them can help me manage more experiences.”


🌟 “Alison writes in a clear and concise way which makes the book a pleasure to read. The book is a valuable resource for personal growth and I would highly recommend it.”


Thank you to each and every one who has taken the time to share their experience and thoughts 📚

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