Imposter Syndrome | The Struggles In Business


13 July 2023

Let’s tackle the topic of imposter syndrome, which most people do experience at times in their life. The first point to make here is that it can happen to absolutely anyone, and in fact is more prevalent in successful people. This sounds mad but it is a truth. It can be rooted in families that value achievement above all else, and a symptom of it can be perfectionism.

Imposter syndrome is a pattern of self-doubt that can lead to anxiety, stress and missed opportunities. People with imposter syndrome are unable to internalise success. For example, an actor may have earned all sorts of awards naming them Actor of the Year but they still cannot shake an inner sense of failure. They might think to themselves that these awards are all just luck or that they managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes but will soon be found out as nothing more than a fraud. Common phrases or thoughts are “I got lucky”, “I don’t belong here” or “I’m a fraud, and it’s just a matter of time before everyone finds out”.

Managing imposter syndrome is important as it can damage new horizons and prospects for all involved. And it is exhausting. Feeling like you are constantly on guard in case you are found out is a tiring place to be.

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