Feeling overwhelmed


27 April 2018

Some people are of the idea that when you have a long list of things to accomplish, overwhelm or not, you push, struggle, and work till everything is done. For some this approach works well and things do get completed although not always in a timely manner. The process of working through a list is often totally draining and painful both in the brain and the body. If you do keep pushing on until the list is complete, there is often a crash and burn, or that awful feeling of never actually finishing it.

There is another way of getting things done without the struggle and stress.
The first difference is that once you are hit with the feeling of overwhelm, you must stop and take out time to step back and not work! Yes, I said it…set your work aside for a stretch of time and take care of YOU! For some this feels impossible when you are in the thick of overwhelm, but I tell you it’s the most effective and efficient way out to stop the crazy train. As always, your goal is to do anything you can to feel better. Go to a cinema, take yourself to your favourite café for a coffee, ring a friend for a chat or do my trick and spend time with my hens and dog!

The key is to do anything that will unwind your overwhelm, not feed it. Take a break to allow things to settle down in your brain and energy. Once you are calmer and more relaxed, you will naturally be inspired to take the next best right step toward getting things completed.

Taking a real step back from chaos in the brain allows true creativity and inspiration to bubble up and come forward. Unfortunately you simply can’t access the really good stuff you want from stress and struggle. It’s simply not possible.

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